My thoughts about Brand design and its elements

In the food business your success will always depend on the level of creativity and how much attention you attract by differentiating yourself from your competitors. It’s not only which trend to follow but also how you present yourself to the external world. I spent some time with a bushiness consultant working on my positioning and I give you here the essenec of the 3 top most significant things to keep in mind.

I concluded these are the elements most important for your online branding

1. Logo design
2. Marketing message (corporate, social, industry etc.)
3. Website design and elements.

Logo design – The basis for your entire brand

From the time spent researching I heard over and over how The logo will determine the entire design of the brand. Integrated deep in the marketing message.
I came across these 3 very good guides and Tips for Logo design you might want to take under consideration:

  1. 60 Logo tips from Pro’s
  2. 7 Killer Tips for logo design
  3. 5 Ways a Logo Can Help Grow Your Business

Do not hesitate to spend good money and work with genuine good contractors when doing a Logo, I found that Fiverr contractors do A good job as any agency I found, not all of them, you’ll need to find the good ones.

Good info on Logo design

How to Pick a logo designer
How to Pick a logo designer

Marketing message – definition of your market

Whether you want to appear as a big corporate firm  or as a family business you need to define your product by your marketing message, it needs to look&feel exactly as you want it to and further more it needs unity, you cannot target too thin or you’ll lose your edge and the message is lost.  definition of your business is crucial for good design choices and market.

Website design and elements

The logo is the language of your brand. everything starts from there. make sure that your website layout is well connected with your logo or it will make your site seem detached from the spirit of the logo. this is why you wanna make sure your logo speaks the same values you really want to deliver through your business.


Start from the basics and grow from there, Logo design and a well planned strategy will make all the difference between a successful company and yet another company which sales stuff. Good luck!


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