Brown Sugar Kahlua Bacon

Jessica Baked It...

I was home sick on Tuesday, feeling rather crappy and I received some even shittier news that would have made it the worst day of 2015; but I was determined not to let it fuck up the rest of the year. So I made Brown Sugar Kahlua Bacon to cheer myself up… and it worked.

This was an experiment, so I didn’t want to “waste” an entire pound of bacon, but  I could have eaten an entire pound of it – that’s how good it came out.

Ingredients (easily modified, c’mon now):
5 slices of bacon
Brown sugar
1 shot of Kahlua

Items needed:
Baking dish
Aluminum foil
Shot glass

Preheat the oven to 400°
Line a baking dish with the aluminum foil for easy clean up – this is mighty sticky!

Gently lay the bacon down in a row.


Sprinkle with brown sugar.


Pour shot of Kahlua over the…

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