How To Create The Best Roast Potatoes

SLB Style

Most Sundays we have a really good sit down lunch. Either at the local pub or with tons of guests around our dining table, eating, drinking and laughing our way into the late afternoon. Plates are topped up are regular intervals especially if we have cooked our famous roast potatoes. We will share with you all how to create the best roast potatoes so you can enjoy them at the weekend or for the Easter holidays coming up.

To create the best roast potatoesI think is a real art that comes with age. There are all manner of recipes out there form hot goose fat to leaving the skins on, but I have the best recipe that you could possibly imagine. Come spend a Sunday afternoon in our home and find out how we create the perfect Sunday lunch.

Lay thetable, ours has to look beautiful to compliment the food…

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