It’s time to cook Vegan

I have been getting a lot of requests lately to start cooking vegan. even though I really feel without chicken and fish it’s hard to imitate and create satisfying dishes. and even though the Italian cuisine can offer quite interesting tastes using dairy products I still want to take this challenge from my dear friends.

as you know I am a great fan of baking so I will still start with the sweet stuff. I already know and have done it before that baking vegan is easy and fun. you can make satisfying stuff using vegan margarine and vegan soy cream where needed. flax seeds usually replace the eggs in some recipes to make the dough stick and it works just fine.

I even heard that the omega 3 in the flax seeds stays good even at 350 degrees Celsius so there you have it a bit of nutrition in this devilish sweet stuff…

in any case I will make this week a vegan chocolate truffles muffins! taken from this recipe:

later on this week I am going to try the vegan cornbread muffins:

I will probably tweak the recipe to make it suit my style but it seems quite good and I trust this channel since I am experienced enough to tell a bogus recipe from a real one.

If you don’t know what a bogus recipe is, let me tell you. it’s simply a recipe that never works no matter what you do. usually this happens a lot with patties. if you are not experienced with patties and they are vegan I recommend you to stay away from it. it can really take all of your time and energy and will leave your family starving in the dining table for about two hours just to find out later that somekind of a disaster exploded over the kitchen but no patties.

They stick, burn, tear apart and break a part.

it will always look of course tasty as hell 🙂 but if you are not experienced beware! stay away from patties!


Thanks for the image to –

Ok guys, this post got me really hungry so I am taking off and see you all later!

I will update about my insights and tweaks to those two recipes there.

till then Travis’s kitchen singing out!


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