Vegan cooking first round

Hey Guys,

As I stated in my last post I have decided to cook dinner for my family. They love my cooking for years even though it was mainly vegetarian combined with some meat dishes. but since my mother knows how to talk my father into letting go of his meat slice for one meal I was able to convince them to come and have a vegan dinner.

When I invited them , my sister yelled in the background :”Should we eat before we come? since salad is not a meal”. It’s so funny that even a family of a chef thinks that veganism is all about salads and nuts. The world is far more full of plants, vegetables and fruit than it is with animals.

In fact when you look into the history of nutrition meat was something that people didn’t eat much. it’s only the industrial era that brought about technology to massively slaughter million of animals every month! to feed everyone. to make a long story short, they got out full and happy.

The meal included 3 dishes: veggie patties with tomato sauce, some chickpea stew, with rice on the side and of course a colorful salad. I made a desert (chocolate muffins) but everyone were so full that they took it home and promised to eat them and let me know how they were.

Here are the recipes I used. remember that I always give you easy to make recipes so you don’t lose yourselves into a bad recipe. now I know I always warn about patties so I warn you again. you need a bit of experience to make patties without destroying your kitchen which in the end leave you hungry and frustrated in front of a weird patties mix that went wrong…

Here is the recipe for the patties, they are awesome!

Here is the recipe for the soup

Here is the recipe for the muffins as a video since this requires a bit more attention. yea that’s how baking is…

Good luck and we will soon meet again my friends. let me know how you experienced your cooking and you can comment below with questions or frustrations. the most important thing is not to give up!


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