A father became famous from cooking

I have read today for the first time about Barry Lewis who is practically seen all over television and is almost the official face of sainsbury. It’s quite impressive to see how the internet got him famous only because he was innocently just sharing things online.

you can read about his story here. I became very much attracted to the idea. there are not only TV famous cooks out there. in fact I found out that many of my favorite you-tube cooking channels are actually considered stars. and when I looked over the web their names popped up in so many contexts. I mean I never knew that betty’s cooking channel was so famous! She is one of my most viewed sources for baking.

The list turns out to be long as more of the famous recipes I have been watching are actually stars!

My wife Claire told me that I should also become a star since my Cooking skills are strong enough and I have a nice tone of voice (she actually said it this way). I must say I am a bit embarrassed and I am now wiz. this is why I started this blog, just to get a feeling if I am really the person to go out into the spotlight and become famous.

I mean no one even promises me that I will become known at all. she also sent me this post about social media to encourage me. I honestly feel that maybe it’s a bit over my head. it seems that there are so many things to do and tack care of. I am good with dough and taste and less with computers.

My wife is already proud of me for starting out this blog. I am a shy person in nature and I must say that this blog makes me feel better. I can finally  (a little bit) express my thoughts and ideas about cooking to the public. I hope that my few friends who read this blog will get good ideas on how to cook better.

As for being a star I think I might leave that to Betty and her friends. but then again who knows where this is all leading to.

chef dude statue MGD©


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