Secure Your Data By Transferring Them From Paper To Digital And Ultimately On Cloud

If you want to know what people would want to save in their houses in order of importance, machines that have hard drives in them always come among the top. For those who do not mention the hard drives as being a priority probably don’t have that drive in the burning house. In such cases, the victims of circumstances will always strive hard to ensure that they save the paper files they have stored data in them. Paper files and digital files are the most common ways which data is stored in this world.


Traditionally, paper has been the best way of storing data. Before paper, scrolls, reeds and tablets were some of the best ways of preserving information. After the revolution of the paper technology, paper has been used to store data. The main pro associated with paper storage is that paper is cheap and it can last long if it is not befallen by calamities. However, when calamities such as fire razes wherever the files are stored, rest assured of losing all the data. Paper also loses value after sometime since when oxidized, it loses its original color hence the aesthetics are interfered with. These led to the need for a more secure data storage method and that’s the digital system.

Digital stores can protect your photos, written data, audio data and visual data better than the paper data. In fact, it’s impossible for the paper storage system to store your audio-visual videos, something that’s possible with digital storage. These are data that are important for the rebuilding and the continuity of life for an individual and the generations to come.

In the event of fire or any other form of misfortune, it will be easier to rescue your hard drive since it is small and can easily be carried out of the house. It is also easier and faster to copy data from a digital storage facility to another or to paper than it is t copy from paper to paper and from paper to digital stores. Information can therefore be easily disseminated if you have the digital stores than the paper stores.

Just as it is possible for you to lose all your data in case of theft, fire, vandalism etc, it is also possible to lose the digital stores i.e. hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Flash disks among others through the same way. This necessitated for the need of a more advanced innovation to make data more secure than ever before.

Today, many IT companies do offer cloud computing facilities for the storage of massive data. The cloud computing is commonly referred to as a new computing paradigm. Clouding is essentially used for conducting work as well as non work related matters such as Gmail, Dropbox, Docs, Google among many more. It is now being adapted as the personal and organizational digital storage platform. Through this system, sharing documents, synchronization of digital materials amongst different devises and tagging among other useful functions that make your data and information to be more secure.

Clouding can only be done with digital data. It is therefore clear that if you want your data to be more secure, you shouldn’t store your data in the paper files. Save them on cloud by: first creating a digital file and then moving ahead to store them on cloud.


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