5 Different Ways to Do a Curl

One Sunday morning your best friend dragged you to a gym located near your home and you have a pleasant surprise to see people enjoying their exercises while to the hip hop music playing on the big TV screen. Impressed by the environment you feel tempted and imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror, flexing your arms with something naughty in back of mind. So, you decide joining the gym only to wear your skin tight t-shirt proudly to impress “someone”.


When you have decided to start the body building, don’t delay jump into it, it is going to benefit you for a long time –you have not yet thought about.

Dietitians recommend eating or drinking something light 20-30 minutes before starting the exercise.  It will help you stay fresh during and after the exercise.

We’ll be discussing here, how to wear a skin tight t-shirt proudly. Here are the 5 exercises for this

Lifting Your Leg

Yes, it is that simple, you can do it anywhere any time, when and where you feel appropriate. Just stand on one leg with your back resting against the wall. Stand on your left leg and pull your right leg up holding at the anklewith left hand and repeat it 10-15 times. Then stand on right leg and pull the left leg with your right hand. Repeat this process alternatively. This is really good, just try it.

Dumbbell Curls Standing

Take the dumbbells in your both hands 2-5 kg at this level will be good enough, stand straight with the arms stretched down freely, then pull your right arm towards your chest, breath in while pulling. Now relax it to the prior position. Repeat this process for the left one. Repeat this 10-15 times for both arms. After completing this you will feel that your biceps are stretched and the size of the arms increased a bit. Relax it will increase only if you do this process regularly.

Preacher Curls

Take the position on the preacher bench placing the backs of your arms on the pad. Remember to adjust your seat in such a way that your arms pits stay on top of the pad. Hold the bar with the arms fully stretched and palms facing towards you. This is the best position, now start curling. Repeat this joyfully 10-15 times.

Barbell Biceps Curls

Lift the barbells and straight up hold the barbell in such a way that your palms are facing upwards. Adjust the wait, I would recommend to start with light weight and then gradually increase it. Breathe in while lifting the bar up towards the chest and breathe out relaxing your arms down. Repeat this process 10-15 times. You will feel the blood pumped in your biceps.


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