3 Sleek WordPress Themes for the Personal Blogger

WordPress has the versatility and the perfect power that has taken the CMS platform to a whole new level, but its true purpose is solely fading away. Few only take great consideration of the core purpose of WordPress which is blogging. It is often disregarded although it continues on improving itself as an amazing blogging platform. You can check out these 3 sleek themes that are made available for personal bloggers in order give WordPress its deserved theme.


Elegant Themes

Elegant themes offer you a good and accommodating customer support and you will have to shed out a little from your pocket unlike those themes which can be very expensive. It can give you dozens of sleek and amazing themes. You will be able to choose a lot of themes that will serve your purpose and satisfy your idea. Although you it will be somehow difficult to customize these themes compared to other theme houses, Elegant themes will give you the perfect the perfect theme. Nothing beautiful comes from something simple. You need to work it out or learn the basics and undergo some hardships in order for it to be worth it in the end.

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Design Palette Pro is a new tool in the Genesis Framework in order to satisfy the needs and aspirations of other individuals when it comes to having a sleek and amazing theme. The new tool allows the user to customize different things like colors, fonts, spacing, and other things. The best part of which, it is made without the knowledge of any code. If you have the personality to do something on your own, this will be perfect for you. The tool also can work with different themes like Metro Pro, eleven40, Minimum Pro, Executive themes, and Beautiful Pro.

Just like Elegant Themes, this type of WordPress theme gives every user the best customer support it can offer. It also has a community support forum that will allow every loyal user to converse with others as to their comments and suggestions. Also, the Genesis child themes can give a standing out impact to viewers and other users because of the minimalist design that will help each and every reader to find something which they are looking for. Aside from the child themes, it also gives the readers a professional feel. Some of its blog themes are Foodie Pro, Magazine Pro, Lifestyle Pro, and Daily Dish.

Theme Forest WordPress Themes

The Theme Forest gives the user a marketplace for its own web templates. It is not a single design house which will limit the ability of the user. It can provide for a wide marketplace for an independent and worth-it theme. There are several high quality works that are made available for the users. Theme forest also features a lot of mobile responsive theme.

There are numerous of WordPress themes that are made available for personal bloggers. What is important is to look for the right one that can be flexible and must possess a visual appeal to the readers.


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