Scientists Discover Crystal That Makes Breathing Underwater a Possibility

Scientists in Denmark have stepped closer to finding a solution for those suffering from respiratory distresses and disorders; all thanks to the discovery of a revolutionary new absorption crystal. The group of scientists working in the University of Southern Denmark is being hailed for their uncovering of crystalline materials possessing unique characteristics of pulling oxygen out of both air and water. The breakthrough discovery has potential for a wide number of possibilities, including marking the end for the need to lug around heavy air tanks.


The miracle crystalline material is capable of binding and storing oxygen in high concentrations, and can control its release time as per the user’s needs and demands. This revolutionary discovery could prove extremely beneficial for deep sea divers, giving them superhuman abilities to stay underwater at great depths for long periods of time without the need for an oxygen tank.

The normal human body can function with as little as 12% oxygen around it, but let’s question what would happen if we wanted it in a higher concentrations? This was the prime focus of the study being conducted at the University of Southern Denmark, with help from the University of Sydney, Australia.

The mastermind behind the project – from the University of Southern Denmark – Prof. Christine McKenzie led the study along-with Jonas Sundberg, from the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Pharmacy.

The study discovered that a 10 liters bucket full of microscopic grains were sufficient enough to fully absorb the oxygen out of a room. And even more amazing is how smaller and lighter this new material is compared to what is being currently used to get to the same result.

Professor McKenzie remarked: “In the lab, we saw how this material took up oxygen from the air around us. A few grains contain enough oxygen for one breath, and as the material can absorb oxygen from the water around the diver and supply the diver with it, the diver will not need to bring more than these few grains. When the substance is saturated with oxygen, it can be compared to an oxygen tank containing pure oxygen under pressure – the difference is that this material can hold three times as much oxygen.”

The study showed that the crystalline-made material was obtained through x-ray diffraction, and it displayed the atomic behavior of the material when it is full of oxygen – following which it was emptied of it. Metal cobalt, the essential component behind the crystalline material, controls the absorption process and it provides the new material with molecular and electronic structure that gives it the ability to suck oxygen from the air. Professor McKenzie also pointed out that there are numerous conditions that could end up influencing the process, leading to impact on time and different versions of the same material.

Needless to say, this is a scientific breakthrough of gargantuan proportions. This opens a door to a whole new world in every field from medicine to space exploration.


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