The 5 Most Popular Blogging Topics to Write About

Everybody wants to be known and recognized. Blogging provides you the chance of getting recognized and earn living also if you have very curious mind and you always analyze things you see, you have passion and skills to share what you know.
You know something that can really benefit others as successful blogging is not about writing longs posts but giving real value to readers.


In Blogging, your passion is what that guarantees your long term success. If you have passion about anything in life and you never get bored from that subject, you will blogging about that.

Blogging is rapidly growing industry and the trends are changing every day. The 5 most popular topics trending these days are discussed here in ascending order.


Music is the hottest topic these days. You can write about certain popular music artists like Katty Perry or Lady Gaga. You can provide information about the upcoming music albums. You can blog about the history of music in any country. You can blog about the lives of different singers you love. Choose the topic of interest and start sharing.

Some of the successful blogs about music are,,


Everybody likes Fashion. Fashion is second in the list of popularity. This genre is also very much diversified as there different fashions indifferent parts of the world. You can write on the topics like men’s fashion in India, ladies fashion USA, kids fashion UK, Chinese fashion. You can write about certain fashion brands or designers. But, always remember one thing choose the topic of your interest and passion.


Blogging about cars is the third most popular these days. It ranges from antique cars to the future concept cars. You want to purchase a new car there are blogs to guide you. You want to purchase a used car there are blogs to guide you. You want to lease a car from a bank; you can find a number of blogs to find expert opinion about financing. To start blogging some technical knowhow is a must.

Real Estate

People are much careful when they want to buy a property. There is big demand for guidance in the sale and purchase of the real estate all around the world. However, it is a local subject. You can write about only a certain area, country or location.


It is a very sensitive topic to blog as it is directly related to ladies. This glamorous media world has sensitized it even more. Ladies around the world have become more conscious about their health and maintenance. There is a big audience as more than half of the world population consists of ladies.

The blogs providing different health and beauty tips are earning millions; some examples are,, and

These are the most popular topics these days. These can be much rewarding but, there is a tough competition as well. So, it is difficult to come on the top.


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