What Would Your World Be Like If You Lived In Flow?

To live in flow is to reach the highest point where your mind is laser focused, free from all sorts of worries and anxiety, the feeling of boundless desires and unlimited happiness, the magical connection with universe where your energy is limitless is the time one starts living in ‘flow’.


With the feeling of mastering one’s mind by tapping into much higher consciousness where the word “failure” does not exists, you are fully absorbed in performing any task at its peak level where none can be a hindrance. Following your soul and source while chasing your desires by completely getting involved in what you are doing will make you get the result you have been searching for the entire life. The key component of happiness is to enter into a state of flow, surrounding your-self with the positivity and monitoring your emotional state by keeping up your energy level unreasonably high. With living your life in Flow, look for that madness which needs a little push! Remember, that you are your Life’s creator, and as challenges come up, think about what an interesting opportunity you created to learn something. Then ask yourself “How do I get into the Flow so I can get myself beyond this challenge?” To enter into a state of flow you must be ready to accept the challenges and hurdles life brings to you.

The Law of Attraction states that “Like attracts like”, living in flow is no different likewise when a person attains a point of satisfaction and is immeasurably happy then he attracted by the same feeling of abundance outside. So, flow is the best place to live in bringing all your wonderful feelings of desires coming true in the shortest span of time. That special moment in your life when you are so involved in what you are doing that the rest of the world seems to get disappeared. That is the time the best feeling one can ever imagine, living in flow by not being aware of what is going on around. Following the divine flow in your life that is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfilment of your heart’s desires.

That is what living in Flow is all about, going with what lights you up, following your desires where your path is leading you. It does not mean you don’t take responsibility for your life, or your job, your kids etc. It just means staying in alignment with your higher purpose, with Universal energy and the Earth you live on making it much easier to stay out of fear when you know you are supported, loved and you trust you above all else and all others. The real self inside each one of us is behind any thought one can ever get , if you are able to erase all the negative scenarios of life, you come in the pure state of consciousness and that is when your life starts going in flow with the world full of positivity and happiness.


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