Get More Inbound Links With High Quality Content

The search engines normally look at two criteria every time a website link is being evaluated or determined by the website ranking. It is either the quality or the quantity. It would only show that both the relevance and number of the link on your website is as crucial as that of the other. In order to make your website perform faster than the usual through the use of search engines and other potential and loyal clients, it is important that these two criteria must be attained. Numerous of the links in the search engine within, from, or to your very own website comes in 3 areas which are the inbound links, outbound links, and internal links.


The internal links are normally between your own website and the individual pages in it. Inbound links are from your external source up to your website, while your outbound links comes from your website and up to the other sites.

Getting more inbound links can be a tough job. Despite of your want to have as much links as you want, it will never serve your purpose if the quality of your inbound links is being disregarded. All of the links whether it inbound, outbound or internal will be useless and irrelevant if the quality of your content is not good.

It is true that you can never deny the fact that inbound links are important, but it will be more relevant if you start focusing on your content and visitors. Here are just some of the simple ways wherein you can build or get more inbound links coupled with high-quality content.

Social Media Profiles

Choose a very common social media site and grab a profile in order for you to have a complete and active profile. At the time you setup your profile, make sure not to leave it in the dust. Groom and take good care of it. You can take advantage of the offers being featured on that site. Aside from the fact that it increases the visibility of your website, it will also provide links to your website.

While you have an active account in certain social media venues, you can even share your links. You might as well connect the RSS feed of your blog with Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so that your post will be automatically be shared in the social media realm.

Publishing Online

Websites such as Ezine Articles, Self-Growth, and Article Base offers a free membership sign-up and gives you the opportunity to publish your own article with the use of their website. You can use these sites to showcase your talent and expertise. While you are doing this, never forget to place an author’s bio box at the bottom in order for other individuals to know that you are the one responsible for that magnificent article.

Commenting On Blogs

Every time you post a comment in a blog, same as that in the section on publishing online, do not forget to include the link to your website so that people can have easy access to it.

Trading Of Links

It is always good when you have someone to help you with. Trade your link with your friends who share the same target as you do in order to spread your link. Keep in mind that you need to offer a relevant product or complimentary back to your friend just to show your gratitude.

Collaborate With Other Blog Posts

Numerous blog posts have been made to be a part of the growing trend. You can also be a guest blogger on a site. In this way, you will have the opportunity to share the expertise you have and you will soon have access to a lot of audience where you can share your link.

Valuable Content

This is one of the most important ways. You need to publish useful, valuable, relevant, and helpful content on a day-to-day basis, if possible, so that your readers will have something to look forward to. It is because of the good and worth reading content that you gain loyal readers. Make it as fresh and amazing as you can.

You can also run a contest which is primarily anchored on the creation of good content. It makes it more fun and appealing to most individuals.

Although it may not be easy since it will take you a lot more time before you feel the difference or results, it will all be worthwhile in the end. Think like a publicist, focus on your readers and content, and never forget to have fun!


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