How To Get The Perfect Tan

Looking for the ways on how to get the perfect tan you have been longing for so long? Continue on reading and discover some of the secrets to getting that perfect and natural looking tan. Below are the tips that will surely ensure that your tan will be perfectly gorgeous.


Skin Protection

Before your tanning adventure begins, apply a sunscreen first. The notion that it will prevent you from getting that perfect tan is a myth. Never leave your skin unarmed. It is always better to be sure and safe than sorry.

Exfoliation And Moisturizing

It is important to exfoliate the skin before putting on the tanning lotion in order to avoid the build-up of unwanted layers of tan that will surely result to an uneven tan. Before exfoliating, make sure to wax or shave your skin 24 hours before the actual tanning procedure begins.

The night before you decide to tan your skin, make sure to moisturize your skin to avoid dryness and in order to have a silky and smooth skin. Remember to moisturize areas which are prominent to dry areas like elbows, wrists, hands, feet, and ankles.

Timing And The Rest

Bear in mind to keep your palms free from tanning by using gloves or other applicator mitt. In cases where you forget to cover your palms, just use a tan remover after your tanning application. Wait for about 4 hours before applying the tan remover.

When you apply your tan lotion, don’t ever forget to make sure that all required parts are covered. During the application, do not rub it in because it won’t do you any good. Just gently smooth things carefully and the tanning lotion will do its part. Also, in order to avoid imperfect tanning, avoid wearing tight underwear because it only results in patchy marks. You should wear loose and dark clothing to make things easier.

Avoid the washing of hands during the process and allot about 2 hours before doing anything silly that will destroy the natural look of your tan. The tan on your face and neck quickly fades compare to other parts of your body. To avoid this from happening, the application of Rapide Face will help the tan on your face and neck last longer and it will add also add to a fresh look.

It is important to move around because the last thing you want to have after the process is an uneven tan. Don’t forget to raise your arms up when you are tanning your front. Give your body the right amount of sunlight, but remember to protect your eyes. Make sure to time it or else you’ll get carried away.

If you are looking for a tan that will make your skin look amazing, go for the golden brown tan. Apart from making your tan amazing, it will help your body look slimmer. There is nothing more fun in getting a tan under the sun. Aside from boosting your serotonin level, you will also be getting lots of Vitamin D.


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