How to keep the Family together

Things to avoid doing and things you should be doing

Having a family whether it is a small one or a large one can be rather hard to manage most of the time; this is simply because there is always so much going on that it is just stressful everyday life. The most important thing about being a family is to be there for each other at all times and no matter what. In order to be a family that is a close knit family and a family that has bonds and stick together forever you need to follow a few simple tips and tricks.

These tips and tricks are rather common and you may already be doing some of them and you didn’t even know it, or you could be doing it the wrong way. Either way you are learning, and learning is all a part of being a family. Every family has their schedule filled up with work, school, day to day business, play dates, shopping and more that there is barely any time left over for it to be spent with each other. And spending time with each other is a major part of being a family as well.


The first thing you should know about staying close as a family is to write notes to each other; communication is key no matter what the relationship is. However with a note you can make it a good thing by writing something cute that will put a smile on their face when they read it. An example is I love you for a kid. The second thing you should know is that it is best to bake and cook as often as you can with each other; it is getting something done while spending time together. It creates a space where talking can be done and bonding can happen.

The third thing that you should know is eating dinner as a family all of the time is another really wise thing to do. It promotes unity and support for everyone and it always provides an opportunity for everyone to talk about their day. This is done so everyone is kept up to date with everything. The fourth thing to know is that traditions as well as rituals should be created amongst the family. It can be something simple or something major, like a tube float adventure on the river every time you go somewhere or something like decorating for Christmas all the way in November because you have so much and you just love it so much.

The fifth thing to know is that no matter what their should be a constant connection of support to everyone and from everyone. Showing support and having support are helpful with health as well as bonds and relationships. And the last thing that is important to know when it comes to keeping a family really close together is that each person has their one voice, this means that they are each their own person and that they have their own way of seeing things and thinking about things. With that being said influence the good and discourage the bad.


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