Top 6 Apps to Help Your Kids Learn While You Keep Them Safe

Nowadays, our children spend a good percentage of their time using technology. This raises concerns about the kind of material they are consuming on smartphones, computers or tablets. You cannot stop your kids from using technology, because it’s useful for them. However, the last thing you don’t want for your kids is spending countless hours on apps that are unsafe or of no value to them.

The key therefore is to find applications that will educate your kids, while entertaining them. You can also find applications that will help you to manage your kids’ usage of technology, or monitor their school life.


The following are some app recommendations that will help your kids to learn while keeping them safe:

Motion Math Games

If you want your kids to start loving mathematics, this is the app to get. This app is the product of the Stanford Graduate School of Education and is well acclaimed by more than 40,000 educators.

The app features a series of math games of varying difficulty levels. It takes a very simple approach to teaching, meaning your kids will not feel intimidated to use it. The American Association of School Librarians awarded Motion Math Games “The Best Application for Teaching and Learning In 2015”.

My Grades and Homework App

With this app, you can keep track of how your kids are progressing in school. Its clean interface allows you to navigate the app easily.

You can track your kids’ assignments and even get a grade report every week or monthly. As the app syncs to Dropbox, you will never lose any important data.

With this app, you won’t need to ever worry that your kids are neglecting to do their homework.

Pumpic Child Phone Monitoring

This app will help you to monitor your kids’ internet usage. Cyber bullies and predators are just some of the evil that you need to protect your kids against on the internet. You can track downloaded and uploaded material and even block any websites and applications that you don’t want your kids to access.

Lightbot Programming

Your kids don’t need to wait until college to learn programming. If they are between the ages of 4 to 9, you can download this app and let them learn programming. The app teaches kids programming using easy and fun games such as moving a robot or blocks using programming commands.

The programming is very light, so you don’t need to be concerned that it will be too complicated for your child. As the game progresses, the difficulty levels will increase.

Ear Trainer

If you want to develop your child’s musical ability, then you need to install ear trainer on their device. It has a lot of musical exercises designed to improve different aspects of singing such as pitch, intervals and so on. It also has a keyboard.

Squiggle Fish Child Aquarium

This app is the perfect way to occupy your kids’ time. When you start the app, it will show an empty aquarium. Kids can then draw fish which you will scan and in a few seconds, the scanned fish will be swimming in the aquarium.

It’s truly fascinating. The only problem is, the app is so addictive that you might start hogging the game yourself!



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