5 Ways the Internet Is Helping You Fight against Anxiety

If you tend to worry about something or you often feel anxiety in your everyday life, the Internet will help you fight against it. There are recent studies which suggest that the Internet is the solution because it can be a very useful tool to combat depression and anxiety. Instead of feeling guilty because you are spending most of your time in cyberspace, you will now be reassured that there are effects which can actually benefit you. Here are the 5 ways the internet can help combat anxiety.


An Application Is Available

Because a lot of people are experiencing this emotion, whether you will believe it or not, an application was made specifically for this purpose. Worry Watch is an application made available to help a person manage his anxiety issues via journaling. The app users will write down all of their worries and anxieties and gives them the option to review it afterwards in order to see the actual outcome. There is also an application that can provide you reminders and can guide you in performing meditations such as Calm and Headspace.

Social Netwoks

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are not only made for people to have a venue to brag about something. It can also be an area to give support and find encouragement when the time comes that you are so down and you have no one else to talk to. Although there are some negative feeling being posted in these social networks, it will still give you an idea on how to surpass your problems or issues.

Support. Support. Support.

Support is one of the biggest ways on how the internet can help reduce depression and anxiety. Because of the internet, each and every individual is given the opportunity to interact with other individuals even with the absence of mobility. For individuals who do not know how to drive or cannot get out of the house because of certain reasons, the internet has paved the way for easy interaction with the ones you want to communicate. It gives people the opportunity to keep in touch with others no matter how busy an unavailable they are.

Support Groups

If you are a loner or who does not have a lot of friends, internet can help you decrease that depression and anxiety. You can enter or subscribe to online support groups if you want. These online support groups are a wonderful source for people to receive encouragements, share their struggles, and offer support as a return. You can also find support groups through forums which are specifically designed for that purpose.


Most people keep their anxieties and depressions to themselves because of fear of being embarrassed. It is sometimes hard to admit that you will need help from other individuals, but the most challenging is to accept that fact. There are available online tools that can help in the assessment of your anxiety and can even provide you therapeutic exercises.

If you find it uncomfortable reaching out to other people because it requires a simple identity information, there are anonymous online settings that can surely help you find some help without disclosing any information.


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