Working On A Computer? You Must Gaze

Computer: A necessary evil

These days human beings have been replaced by computers, but that does not mean that computers run on their own. It is only us, the human beings, who run these. Since, the dependency on computer has increased a lot, therefore, the amount of time we spend using computers has also increased a lot. Using computers for long hours brings in plenty of side effects as well and with these side effects we mean the harmful ones. In this article we will discuss about the ill effects of using computers for long hours at a stretch and also the remedial measures which you can take in order to avoid these effects.


Harmful effects of using computers for long hours

To begin off with, let us take you through a round of the harmful effects of using computers for long hours.

  • Vision or eye problems: The most common problem associated with high intensity usage of computers is vision problem. All most everyone who has experienced using computers for long hours has gone through some sort of vision blurs, tired and puffy eyes, burning sensation, improper vision and other such problems.
  • Headache: Headache is the other most common problem that one under goes whole using computers or laptops for long hours.
  • Problems related to the musculoskeletal system: Problems like neck ache, back ache and other such issues arise if you use computers or laptops for continuous hours.
  • Stress related issues also arise when computer is used continuously, one can also suffer from obesity.

Tips to mitigate these problems

Here are some wonderful tips to help you work without compromising:

  • As we said the most common problem associated with working on computers is sight related problem, therefore, one must do the following to ensure that they get to spend quality time working without much damage to the eyes:
  1. Using Anti reflective coating glasses can help cut the harmful rays coming on to your eyes, therefore, you must use them every time you use your PC.
  2. Eye related massages and exercises will help a lot. You can prefer massaging your eyes with cucumber so as to keep them cool and refreshed. This is a very effective remedy for dark circles as well.
  3. Take small breaks, when you take small break while working, your mind will stay fresh and your eyes will never have to go under tremendous amount of strain.
  4. Place your machine in such a place where you get to see have a far off place to gaze at through your window, this is very effective as well.
  5. Drinking plenty of water ensures that you do not tire your eyes too often; it also gives clarity of vision.

Do not only work on your “work”, take a 15 minutes break to watch your favorite show on YouTube, this will keep you happy and energetic. Headache will stay at bay. Doing half an hour of stretching exercises before proceeding with working on computers is also known to be very effective. This prevents musculoskeletal problems.


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