5 Things You Should Avoid Saying To All Pregnant Women

When you know someone is pregnant we need to be careful with things that we have to say because that sometimes might be creating extra worry for her.

Your word might not be sarcastic and not intentionally said but then again we have to consider that pregnant women tend to take things sensitively and emotionally.


Having experienced pregnancy is not a reason that you can easily have the right to say something bad about the person that is pregnant and you cannot assume that since you have been there before, you know what it feels like. Just think on how you would react if you were given sarcastic remarks about your pregnancy. How would that make you feel?

Here are a few things that everyone should avoid saying to pregnant women:

  1. “This pregnancy period was really rough on me…”

When a pregnant woman says this, take a deep breath and instead of saying any negative stuff focuses on positivity. If you’re a close relative or close to that person, ask her if she needs help with running errands or anything at all that may lessen her difficulty during these stages.

  1. “You’re really enormous…”

This is what is heard around by pregnant women. Especially when nearing the stage of delivery. Instead of telling her exactly the thing she dreads, that is telling her she’s getting bigger, divert her attention to another topic. Ask her if she’s having a boy or a girl, taking the focus on her body away and sticking to questions that will make her happy and will give her joy and to show her that you are supportive in every aspect or stage that she is going through.

  1. “… happened to me at this stage…”

Never compare your pregnancy to hers or to a person that you have known to be pregnant. It will not benefit her and is not advisable during these stages. Instead, try asking other questions pertaining the status of the baby. Avoid discussions on the actual pregnancy and always focus on subjects that are bound to make her happy.

  1. “Pregnant women probably should not…”

Avoid any words that have a negative meaning. For example the use of “should not” indicates that you are trying to tell her your personal opinion on a certain topic. For pregnant women, they have a lot to think about rather than worry what you think about them. Consider yourself in their situation. Even if you are close with the person itself.

  1. “Avoid eating […]”


The list of foods that pregnant women should avoid are a lot but telling her that straight to her face is not recommended and would only bring disappointment to her. As far as your concern to her is high, telling her about the food she needs to avoid will not in any way helps her on her pregnancy. Her doctor should be the only one that is authorized to advise her on what to eat. Every woman is different when it comes to the food that they intake, so no advising or reprimanding pregnant women on food.


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