7 Reasons why you should complete an obstacle course race this year

An obstacle race course is not an easy thing to complete. You have to be in pretty good shape to get through the finish line. As we speak, there are probably dozens of races going on throughout the country and someone is feeling very proud of himself to have finished it. And what are you doing? You are sitting in front of your computer or smartphone surfing the internet.

The question is what will you be doing tomorrow? If by the end of this article you will want to start training for an obstacle course race, my job here is done. Either way, get off the couch and do something with your life. You’re not going to live forever, you know?


Get in shape

If you have tried lots of times to get fit but you remarkably failed, this may help you to finally achieve that because you now have a higher purpose than to attract the opposite sex. Training for such a race involves workouts that target strength and endurance.

Become stronger psychologically

Do you think it is easy to get through all the obstacles when you are simply exhausted? No, it takes a lot of strength and determination. You are not only going past physical barriers but also psychological ones. Maybe you were afraid of heights but you still climbed that wall. Maybe you were a bit claustrophobic but you still crawled through that tiny space. Either way, you will get past your limits.

Build Perseverance

Passion will not get you to your goals, it is a fuel that rapidly burns up. It’s perseverance that helps you get what you want. You have to keep trying to get to the finish line. You fall 6 times, you get up the 7th too. The greatest minds didn’t become successful through their passion alone. They failed lots and lots of times before getting it right. Just read about the success stories of Silvester Stallone, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and so on.

Feel good about yourself

Finishing an obstacle course is definitely something to be proud of. If you choose a race made for charitable purposes, there is even more reason to feel good about your participation. Apart from that, you manage to get through lots of training and you now have a pretty good level of fitness.

Improve your health

If you are gasping for air just by walking briskly for 3 minutes, you are in serious need of exercise. You don’t want to end up dead on your couch due to a massive heart attack. Your training will most likely make you lose some weight, tone your body and even build some muscle if you are serious about it. You will improve the functions of your heart and lungs, you will stop atherosclerosis from developing and you will decrease insulin resistance (smaller risk of diabetes).

Make new friends

Local forums and Facebook groups are filled with people having the same purpose as you do. You may exchange tips and even train together. Having a practice buddy can help you stick to your workout. You can support each other when you are slacking.

If you like the person, you may even extend your friendship outside the gym. Who knows, maybe a romance may arise. All you have to do is get out there and find a training buddy for starters.

Change your lifestyle altogether

Completing an obstacle course race may shift your life from being a couch potato to a self-driven individual who takes responsibility for his own life. Maintaining this lifestyle that makes you feel good about yourself keeps depression and anxiety away.


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