8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Bridges Every Day

2015 is the year when most people are more concerned with fitness more than anything else. Some even say the glutes have become the center of all the muscles. You can even notice that butt exercises are everywhere in fitness. Most people even would argue that among the most important muscle group in an individual’s body is the glutes. Thus, let this article show you the 8 amazing things that will happen when you include bridges in your daily exercise routine.


No More Back Pain

You will have to say bye-bye to your back pains because it will never come into the picture if you perform bridges as part of your exercise routine. Doing bridges everyday will give your glutes a wake-up call and reset the inactive pelvis. When you engage in a work where you normally sit for a long period of time, you definitely need to do this exercise because it will help you a lot. It will help your body know that you should never forget to exercise your hips.

No More Knee Pain

If the arthritis runs in your family, you probably need to do this routine exercise because it will help reduce the risk of having it. Bridges will make your knee pain disappear in just a number of weeks. Same as back pains, if you continue this exercise every day, you need to say goodbye to your knee pain.

The reason why you are experiencing knee pain is that your body lacks the control of your femur, the upper leg bone of your body. The glutes have time and again played an important role in controlling the femur. It will help your body to train your femur in order to avoid any damaging knee movements.

Improvement In Distance Running

If you run a 5k track, you will be able to improve it and even double it if you continue on doing the right exercises. If you are a runner, you need to focus more on the glutes just like you focus on performing hamstrings and a lot of quads. Performing bridges will not only limit the length of your stride, it will also improve your glute functions in order to strengthen your ability to run.

Stand Taller

When you perform bridges, your posture will most likely be enhanced. If you go to the gym, the strenuous activities you will be performing will only contribute to bad posture. But, if you perform these activities with different ways of bridging, it will balance your posture and you’ll be able to stand tall.

Thank You

Your girlfriend or boyfriend will even thank you because a firm and round butt are appealing to anyone else. According to David Buss Ph. D., “You’re drawn to a woman’s heinie for the same reason you’re attracted to her breasts, hips, and a little waist: because those traits would have been indicators of fertility to your ancient ancestors.”

Your Jeans Fits!

You will finally be glad that your jeans will fit you. Most women have problems wearing their jeans because it’s too tight or that it won’t even go up to their hips.


Amazing Squat And Deadlift Records

Because you have the ability to perform bridges, your glutes will be enhanced. Thus, it will be easier for you to perform several deadlift and squat records. Inactive glutes are the reasons why you can’t even reach those records.

Golf Best Club

If you are a golfer, you need to focus on enhancing your glutes so that you will be able to balance and control your femur. You should not only focus on developing your core because a strong core will do you no good if your glutes are not strong enough to hold.


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