Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting: Which One New Bloggers Should Use?

Managing a personal and successful blog site is now trending because of all the advantages it can offer. Several individuals use it to record their day-to-day activities, contact their friends, showcase their talents and expertise, and make money online out of their blog site. With the popularity of blog sites, managers of these sites are confused if they should go for free web hosting or paid web hosting. This article will show you the pros and cons and it is up for you to determine.


Pros On Free Blog Hosting

Free blog hosting enables you to enjoy the hosting services, especially the shared web hosting. You will also have the opportunity to set up your own blog site which is free of any charge. Every individual who chooses to go with a free blog hosting will have the option to have a domain name which is pre-determined, have absolute control over the blog site, install desired themes and plugins, and do whatever is desired to have a great content and webpage.

Cons on Free Blog Hosting

Since your blog hosting is free of charge and you did not spend a single penny to acquire it, you can never expect to have the same features and qualities as that of the paid hosting. There are limited server resources on free web hosting. Also, you will sometimes experience an unstable performance, poor technical support, and hidden fees. Sometimes you will even be charged with expensive renewal fees.

Pros On Paid Blog Hosting

Because of the fact that this kind of blog hosting is paid, you will be able to enjoy the different cons mentioned in free blog hosting. It is only right that you will have access to several features and qualities. Apart from the features you will be having, you will also enjoy faster web page loading speed, better technical support, and higher track record.

With a paid blog hosting, you will have tons of great features such as unlimited space, unlimited email accounts and bandwidth, allowance and unlimited websites, a free WordPress Installation and 24/7 support, and some extra add-ons.

Cons On Paid Blog Hosting

There are hosting review sites that will give you information on the price or cost of the blog hosting. Some may cost $5 and some reaches up to $10 a month. To some individuals, this kind of rate will not even burden them because they will gain revenue much higher than that spent for the blog hosting.

Choosing whether to get a free or paid blog hosting can be a tough job since you have to know the pros and cons according to your capacity. If you are serious about blogging and you will depend all your life’s experience through the success of your blog, it is better that you should opt for a paid blog hosting. But if you just want to make a blog for experience purposes or just because you want to have something to do, you should opt for the free blog hosting. You will only waste your money on something which is only for a short-term period because you lost interest.


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