The One Hour a Week Workout

We all have busy lives and it’s very difficult to find the motivation to work out when you come home exhausted from work. All you want is to get cozy in your sofa and watch some TV series with plenty of ice cream by your side.

Sadly, this only makes you gain weight. Although it may seem unreal, it is possible to get fit by training only 1 hour a week. There are 3 training sessions throughout the week, each 20 minutes long. Here’s how you can do it.


Day 1

Start with a short 5 minutes warm up and then get down to real work. This circuit should be performed without stopping, 15 repetitions per exercise. Take a break of 90 seconds between circuits and aim for a total of 3 circuits per session. The same applies for day 3 exercises.

The first exercise is squatting to engage your quads, hams, lower back and glutes. Next, go for barbell bent-over rows to work your core, upper back and rear deltoids. Bend your knees and bend over the bar with your back straight. Pull the bar to your upper waist and then return to the initial position by extending your arms and stretching your shoulders downward.

Next, switch to barbell upright rows. Grasp the bar with a shoulder width overhand grip, then pull it toward your neck bending your elbows with the movement. The last exercise for day 1 is hanging leg lifts. Hang from a bar with your both arms extended. As you breathe out, raise your legs until you get a straight angle between your torso and your legs. Return to the initial position while your breathe in.

Day 2

This is a treadmill cardio program. Begin with 5 mph for 2 minutes. Next, set the speed to 8 mph for a 1 minute sprint, return to 5 mph for 1 minute. Use the treadmill bars to perform dips until you no longer can do it.

Walk briskly for 1 minute to 5 mph, set the treadmill to 8 mph for 30 seconds, do dips again. Brisk walk for 2 minutes, one minute sprint and repeat these two steps. Do dips until failure and in the end take a 2-4 minute light walk at 4 mph.

You are free to customize this workout so that it suits your own level of fitness. It is important to implement dips in your treadmill routine because your arms must be trained too. Make sure that the workout doesn’t leave you breathless but is still hard enough to challenge your physical abilities. If you don’t push yourself a little, you will never grow.

Day 3

Start your day with some deadlifts to train your hamstrings, back, glutes, forearms and shoulders. With your feet flat on the floor beneath the barbell, you have to squat to grasp the bar with a shoulder width grip. Lift the bar by extending your hips and knees fully. After you pull your shoulders back at the end of the extension, lay the bar down and repeat.

Now, lie on a bench with your face up. Take the barbell out of the rack and lower it toward your chest. Press it upward by extending your arms. Repeat this 15 times of less if you don’t have the necessary strength yet.

The last exercise is barbell military press. Grasp the barbell from the floor with an overhand grip a bit wider than shoulder width. Take it up in front of your neck and then press the bar upward by extending your arms over the head. Lower the barbell to the front of your neck and repeat.


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