Tiny Threats In Your Home

There is no place like home. When we are at home, we think somehow protected by any dangers. Nowadays many people value too much their family’s safety outdoors and overlook the fact that the house can be full of harmful stuff. There are certain substances, microbes and small insects found in most people’s houses that can pose a serious threat to the family members’ overall health.

Make sure you do a small cleaning on a weekly basis and a more thorough one each month in order to keep the indoor air pollution-free and to eliminate the risks of developing a wide range of diseases including cancers and respiratory problems. Let’s see what you need to keep an eye on.



Basically, mold proliferates in damp places and can emerge both indoors and outdoors. We will focus on the most common places where mold spores can be found inside the house. Bathrooms, basements and attics are typical places where mold is located, so focus on improving ventilation in these three areas.

Regular exposure to mold can cause severe respiratory issues as well as allergies. No matter what color it has, it is still dangerous. There are numerous cleaners available on the market that will help you get rid of spores. Bleach is a cheaper alternative, but wear proper equipment when using it because it can burn the skin, the eyes and the trachea.

Cleaning products

The question is what kind of cleaning products should opt for in order to avoid accidental intoxication. Cheap cleaning products contain ammonia, which is extremely dangerous. It is very often linked to kidney problems.

Maybe you have seen in stores that some products are described as “green”, which is very far away from the truth. Instead, you should manufacture homemade disinfectants using non-toxic household items like vinegar.


Your home might be a paradise for various types of small insects such as thermites, ants, bed bugs and dust mites. Some of them feed off dead skin patches, making your sofas the perfect environment to live in. Have you ever wondered why your kids cough and sneeze so often? A possible cause may be that they inhaled small insects like the ones enumerated above, which led to allergies.


Do not consume unwashed or improperly cooked foods. They can carry lots of diseases. Salmonella and E-coli intoxications are the most frequent, mostly because a great variety of people consume raw eggs or dirty vegetables on a regular basis. Also, make sure the kitchen is properly cleaned after you handle vegetables covered with dirt. Get rid of rancid cooking oils and inappropriately stored meat.


Even though a long time ago using lead in construction projects was restricted by law due to environmental and health issues, there is a chance that your tap water might still flow through lead pipes. It is extremely important to test your house for lead and to act accordingly.

When moving to old houses in the countryside, it is very likely to come across lead paint cans. Dispose of the hazardous items in a safety manner. Better call a specialist if you do not know what you should do with them.

Electromagnetic fields

Electronic devices have become integrated part of our lives. Studies have proved the negative impact they have on our brains. Tumors and other diseases are linked to excessive utilization of electronics. It is nearly impossible to live in a developed country and not to make use of gadgets on a daily basis. Even though we can’t simply make them disappear from our lives because we depend on them to generate income and to have fun, we can still reduce the amount of time we take advantage of laptops, mobile phones and tablets in order to protect our health.


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