Top Alternative Domain Extensions for Startups and Businesses

If you are planning to have your own startups and businesses, it is important that you should know the different alternative domain extensions. The most popular domain nowadays is the domain .com. This domain derived its name from the word “commercial” because it is purposely being used by tons of commercial organizations. Aside from .com, below are some of the alternative domain extensions.



This domain is frequently used as a substitute or alternative for the domain .com. This kind of alternative is assigned to Colombia and is very much recognized by Google to be a global domain extension. .Co is popular when it comes to tech startups. You can get this domain to the official site of .co.


.io domain has existed since 1997 and has become one of the top-level and fast selling domains for the British Indian Ocean Territory. The use of this domain even became popular when it was used by to be registered as in the year 1998. Registration to the British Indian Ocean Territory is not needed in order for you to acquire this domain.


This alternative domain is one of the most common and frequently used domains for Montenegro. It replaced the previous domains like Serbia and Montenegro (.cg.yu) and Yugoslavia (.yu). The International Organization for Standardization assigned this domain to Montenegro and it had more than 320,000 purchases and had become the fastest selling domain. Interesting example of these domains are,, and You can register your startups and businesses at its official site.


This alternative domain extension is the top-level and fast selling domain of the Federated States of Micronesia. Domain .fm was originally designed for certain companies belonging to this nation. The name for this domain was coined because it was associated with a radio station. Also, this domain is frequently and commonly used for streaming different audio websites. An example of this domain is, which is one of the most well-known social music websites existing today. Go to their official site for registration.


This domain is assigned and commonly used by the country of Laos. But it was only until it was used by other websites from Los Angeles that it gained its popularity. Although there is no real or official proof to state that this domain was associated with the websites from the United States, the important thing is that it had gained popularity and a lot of individuals or companies have benefited from it. The name was taken from a French word which means “there”. You can visit the official site for registration.


The popularity of this domain was regained only because of its name. Domain .nu was assigned to the state of Niue. It is commonly used by Belgian, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish websites. This domain got its name from the word “now”. Because of the similarity between .nu and now, this domain were also used by a lot of websites coming from English-speaking countries. is an interesting example for this domain which stands for See official site.


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