Why Has Television Made Such An Impact On Our Lives? Will It Change?

Modern societies are influenced tremendously by television. Nobody can argue the negative effects of spending too much time in front of the small screen as well as the increase of violence, sexual content and inappropriate language on TV. However, when done wisely, watching television can educate, inform and entertain.

Latest figures show that more than 2 billion people around the globe watch television on a single day. But why is it so appreciated nowadays? Will there be a time when television becomes outdated?


A way of education

Specific TV programs such as History Channel or Discovery Channel can motivate youth to expand their knowledge in certain fields. Most teens nowadays dislike reading, so at least they can get valuable information from other sources.

Making a habit out of watching documentaries on health, animals, science, or travelling is actually a very powerful learning tool. People who watch documentary films on a regular basis acquire a better understanding of the world we live in, of other cultures and they start seeing things in perspective. Children should be encouraged since a young age to alternate cartoons and entertainment shows with informational content that stimulates the mind.


The modern way of living is stressful. Problems at work, problems with the kids and money issues keep us unhappy. We need to laugh more. Television provides high quality entertainment shows that can help you escape from routine and give you an emotional uplift.

There are plenty of TV programs promoting good movies and music, so it’s nearly impossible not to find something you enjoy. A short break at the end of the day is exactly what your body deserves.


Staying up to date has never been easier. Basically, news channels provide information on all topics from weather, politics and economy to sports, international events and real estate. Since they are able to reach so many viewers in a short period of time, news posts can get people informed about criminal activity in a certain region, potentially saving a lot of lives.

Will it change?

Internet TV becomes more and more popular among people of all ages. But will it replace cable TV?

Several aspects need to be taken into account. First of all, affordability makes a huge difference. There is a great variety of cable TV packages available nowadays, but you need to pay big bucks for most of them. Internet TV is way cheaper. The money factor determines a lot of individuals to move away from the traditional television industry.

In addition, the small number of commercials on internet television is very appealing. We all know how annoying watching tons of advertisements during our favorite shows is. Commercials are known to be misleading and have a negative impact on youth. However, most turn a blind eye to this matter and let their children watch lots of commercials without taking into account the consequences.

At the present time, cable television is integrated part of our everyday lives. Even though internet TV is thriving, spending time with your family in front of a big television screen will always be a pleasure.


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