5 SEO Predictions For 2016

As one of the most technology-dependent industries of the world, it is quite expected to have the SEO business to be constantly tweaking and evolving. These past years have witnessed numerous of algorithm updates with various transitory SEO tools. Because of that, here are five things which you may have expected with regards to the development of SEO.

Mobile Search To Trump Desktop’s In 2016

It is predicted that 2015 will witness mobile search reaching its tipping point. 2015 is expected to be the moment when the majority of spending, organic traffic and paid clicks originate from smartphones and tablets rather than from traditional PCs and laptops. This will affect how the world and how business functions in many ways. As a business owner, you may need to renew your mindset to prepare all-things-mobile, including your website, product and payment method. You should give mobile visitors the same quality of service just like when they visit your proper desktop websites. You should also include new mobile marketing strategy, mobile website design, mobile advertising and marketing as well as e-commerce and payment in order to succeed in this whole new mobile era.

Increasing Usage of Google Search, Maps and Google+

As mobile search will be significantly increasing, local business will also be positively impacted especially with the help of Google services such as its Search, Maps and Google+. Having said that, it is very important to you to make your business noticeable by getting it listed on Google Plus Local and Google Maps. Another thing to also be taken into account would be customizing your search appearance, as you should make sure that your business have a complete set of products description featured with relevant services, images, videos and reviews.

Trending Structured Data and Direct Answers

People will use the search engine services to obtain direct answers, in which it will show an exact answer to your search query first thing in the first page. This will be good for your business when your business comes up at the answer to the direct question, however if not it can be disastrous as Google may indirectly promote your competitor’s business. Direct searches may also be made available to answer voice search queries. In order to handle this, you need to provide structured data for all of your information. It is basically done by tagging the data in your web pages so that search engines will easily understand. It is the extra set of information that customers will be able to see next to your website link.

Incorporation With Social Media

It is predicted that in 2016, SEO will not stand alone on its own but rather incorporating social media components in helping building links and benefiting directly from the likes of Google+. As a result, we will see companies offering a whole set of Digital Marketing Services which will include both the elements of SEO and social media.

A Challenge Put Up By Microsoft

Being the less popular SEO and losing to Google in the previous years, Microsoft’s Bing has been preparing to offer Google a serious competition and this is likely to sustain in 2016. Bing will be integrated with Cortana, packaged with Windows on PC and Windows Phone, where Xbox will also be able to cater voice search through Cortana and Bing.


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