10 Unexpected Ways to Save Money

Every centavo counts. No matter how rich or wealthy you are, if you are sensitive enough to the concerns of others, for you, every penny will help. A little saving will help, especially when you are short on your budget. Here are some of the 10 unexpected, but worth-it ways to save cash.


A Bottle Of Water Will Save The Day

Having a bottle of water within your reach will help you save cash since you won’t be able to have that urge to buy tea, coffee, or juice. It will stay you hydrated, healthy, and your skin will be better and moisturized.

Garnish Your Own Snacks And Food

No one can deny the fact that restaurant foods are highly expensive and not healthy enough to support the body in preventing diseases. The price you pay in a restaurant can be had in a full meal at home instead of just having a small portion. You can even save more cash and time by just heating up your leftovers last night. There are several sites that can give you several recipes which are easy and simple enough to be cooked by a beginner.

When you are the kind of person who normally takes a snack break in between your work, celery, carrots, cucumbers, ham, cheese, bell peppers, are some of the good ways you should consider. Aside from the fact that it does not cost a lot, it will not make your stomach feel heavy, thus, avoiding that feeling of drowsiness. While there are sites which can provide you simple recipes for your meals, there are also several websites which can give you easy-to-make snacks.

Fresh Groceries

Having sufficient amounts of freshly picked fruits and vegetables will truly improve and balance your health and at the same time lets you save a huge amount of cash. Researches show that a consumption of at least 7 portions of fruits and vegetables a day can be as effective as other means in order to prevent several diseases. It is best to maintain a healthy and full diet so that you will be able to reduce the greater possibility of paying for the services of a doctor or spending cash on your medications.

Sleep Early

Sleeping early will help you avoid any possibilities of acquiring diseases, thus, no more expensive medications.

Compile Your Receipts

Few people know that keeping the receipts of your purchases plays a vital role in saving money. Your receipts will help you track the foods in your refrigerator. Use a magnet and stick the recent receipts of your purchases in order to remind you, especially when you have a busy and rough day. The receipts will also help you track your expenses and lets you double-check it so that the next time you go for a spree, you will be able to lessen your purchases and limit the things bought as to your need only. Tidy things up by keeping a box, specifically for your bank transactions and receipts on the goods you purchase.

Written Record In Red Ink

The scientific reason for this is that when a person writes down an amount which was spent in red, is brain will be automatically be alarmed since it will recognize that write-up as a “beware’ sign.

Avoid Procrastination

Every person must have the skill to keep track of the time. No one becomes successful by simply going with the flow and leaving things as it was before. When you keep track of the time, you will be more conscious of the amount of your work and definitely avoid that urge to procrastinate.

Do Away With Unnecessary Items

You should always bear in mind that what you need to purchase are only those items which are necessary. Luxury items must come last and should only come to mind when you have enough cash on your hands.

Power Bar Turned Off

When you go to sleep, it is highly recommended that you turn off your power bar in order to lessen the expenses, conserve energy, and avoid any possibility of fire. Never underestimate the electricity you are using in a single day. You will soon realize that the appliances which are left turned on when you leave the house or sleep at night can contribute a drastic increase in your billings.

Cash Instead Of Plastic

The best thing about cash is that there are no interests and other add-ons to your purchase. The only advantage of having to pay with plastic is convenience. Which do you prefer? Convenience or cash saved?


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