5 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Landing Pages


Whether you are new to blogging or you have been doing it for years and you have lots of visitors every month, you definitely need to know how you can benefit from landing pages. Specifically designed pages will engage those people who end up on your website as a result of advertising campaigns.

Pay-per-click campaigns, ads on social media and guest posts will drive a lot of traffic to your blog, so do not make the most common mistake of dumping the visitors directly to your website. Use landing pages instead of homepages in order to convey a certain message, get your visitors to take action and transform viewers into subscribers. Let’s discuss 5 reasons why you should opt for landing pages immediately.

Grow your mailing list

Pop-up windows are very popular, but the conversion rates are usually low. That’s why you need a landing page particularly created so that visitors can subscribe to your mailing list.

Building an e-mail list is the only way you can keep in touch with those interested in what you have to offer. When someone voluntarily subscribes to your mailing list, it means that they were truly impressed by your content or products. The next step is to develop a long-term relationship with your readers through sending them engaging newsletters, coupons or discounts.

There are multiple ways to drive traffic to a dedicated landing page: paid advertising, social media platforms, outbound links from your website or from guest posts to that specific landing page, etc.

Optimize with ease

Redesigning a homepage can be such a hassle and it’s something to be avoided at all costs. Those who are familiar with the old look of the website might not adapt. However, landing pages can be changed any time you want. There are a lot of free landing page layouts available on the internet, so you do not have to worry about having no programming skills. Use the a/b split test and track the performance for each landing page.

Also, it is recommended to have a different landing page for each ad. You need to fulfill the clicker’s expectations, so the landing page should contain exactly the same keywords you used in the ad.

No distracting factors

Unlike home pages which are packed with information, sliders and images, landing pages contain no distracting factors. Therefore, concentrate on a focused landing page. Get rid of all unnecessary stuff and keep it clean and professional looking. Basically, it should contain some impressive graphics, a subscription box and by all means it should have information related to what the reader has seen in the ad he has clicked on.

Landing pages offer the opportunity to get straight to the point. Is there any chance to convert a visitor into a subscriber with all sort of attention-grabbing content? No it definitely isn’t.

Call to action

Some people just can’t decide what to do. They are not 100% sure whether they should subscribe or not. They want to be encouraged. Place a link to the landing page at the end of every one of your articles. Otherwise, after visitors get the information they need from your articles, they will just leave.

Improve your guest posts

We all know that guest posting is highly efficient. However, most guest posts have a weakness: the author’s bio form the end of the article. Only a few actually read those lines about the author. Therefore, only a small number of people access your website from author’s bio section. What you should do instead is to replace that boring information with a link to one of your landing pages and a strong call to action.


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