Green Tea-The Miracle Drink

You are working in a multinational company in a stressful environment. This pressure and stress take its toll and you return home totally exhausted. Relax and take a cup of green tea, it is all changed. All the effects of stress and hard work are gone and you are able to enjoy with your family.

Is it a miracle? Yes, it is.


This miracle of nature is called green tea. Green tea is produced from the leaves of a plant Camellia Sinensis, after some processing. This plant is largely found in parts of China and Japan. Green tea is now available in easy-to-use form. The multinational companies have made it tastier by adding some other natural ingredients.

The leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis are rich in nutrients essential for health. According to a research, it contains more than 450 organic compounds. That is why it is so refreshing!

Researchers have proved its long term effects on human health. When we study these, we believe, it is really a miracle. Look at some of the long term effects of green tea listed below.


The antioxidants present in the green tea help preventing different types of cancers by controlling the production of dead cells. Green tea helps in the prevention and cure of many types of cancers like lung cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer.

Heart Related Diseases

Heart related diseases are considered the most fatal these days. Green tea reduces the risk of heart attack and heart related diseases up to 30% by maintaining and lowering the cholesterol levels.


Some researches show that green tea has a role in preventing type 1 diabetes by burning the glucose, present in the body. In Chinese traditional medicine, it is being used to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Weight Loss

Due to less physical activity and exercise obesity has become a common problem both for men and women. Forget about the weight losing pills and dieting and start taking green tea. It will keep you fit and smart as it increases the metabolism rate and fat burning speed.


The antioxidants present in the green tea reduce the production of the harmful substances in the body and thus, reduce the aging effects. They help you to keep young for a longer time. It alone is a very good reason to use green tea because we all want to remain young forever.

Nutritional Supplements

Why you feel refreshed when you take a cup of green tea; it is because of the readily available vitamins and minerals present in it. If you take five cups of green tea in a day, it will fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin C. It will also provide 45%, 5% and 25% of the daily required manganese, magnesium and calcium respectively.

It contains almost all types of vitamins and minerals essential for your body.

You just have to replace your regular drink with green tea and you can enjoy all the miraculous benefits of this natural tonic.






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