13 Wonderful Health Benefits of Kerson Fruits You May Not Know

The Kerson fruit is an amazing berry like fruit that looks a lot like the cherry. The fruit is commonly found in Latin America and Asia but you can also find the fruit in North America under the name strawberry tree.

In recent times, this little berry fruit has been getting quite some press because scientists have discovered some amazing and interesting health benefits associated with consumption of the Kerson Fruits leaves, flowers and the fruit itself.


Below is a list of 13 of the wonderful health benefits of this fruit.

As an Antibacterial

The Kerson Fruit is a natural anti-biotic that is currently known to fight off intestinal bacteria, staph, diphtheria and sepsis. Tests are still being conducted to see if the fruit is effective against other related ailments.

As A Great Source of Vitamin C

The Kerson Fruit is packed with Vitamin C. To be specific, 100gms of the Kerson Fruit berries contain 150mgs of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is helpful against colds and flu, as well as other preventative and curative properties.

Pain Relief against Gout

While the Kerson Fruit is not known to cure gout, it helps to relieve pain caused by the disease. Eating the berry 3 times a day will take away the worst symptom of gout which is the pain.

For Headache and Pain Relief

As with gout, where the berry can be used for pain relief, the Kerson Fruit can also be used to relieve headaches by relaxing blood vessels which allow blood to flow smoothly and not through constricted vessels that cause headaches.

For Diabetes Prevention and Management

The Kerson Fruit helps to lower blood sugar levels which mean that diabetics don’t have to use as many injections or other medication to lower blood sugar levels. It is thus also regularly used to prevent diabetes.

As A Powerful Antioxidant

The Kerson Fruit is rich in anti-oxidants which are compounds that get rid of free radicals developed in the body through chemical processes. These free radicals are known to cause cancer among other ailments.

Excellent Nutritional Benefit

The Kerson Fruit contains several nutrients including B-vitamins, protein, fiber, calcium, carbs, iron and phosphorous. The fruit can be consumed in several forms for its nutritional content, including in jellies, jams and in pastries and baked meals. It can also be found as a supplement which is said to be quite useful as well.

The Tea Helps Prevent Pain Caused By Neurons

Like the berry from the Kerson Fruit, the tea acts as a pain blocker but this time working on the nerves as well to inhibit pain caused by stimulants including, bee stings, cuts, gout headaches etc.

Research Points towards Cancer Prevention

Studies are still ongoing but the Kerson Fruit has been shown to reduce cases of cancer in areas where it is commonly consumed.

As an Anti-Inflammatory

By consuming the Kerson Fruit leaves as tea, you will experience anti-inflammatory benefits which means less swelling of cells, tissue, joints and reactions to allergies that can even cause fever.

It Reduces Blood Pressure

Keratin tea contains nitric oxide, a natural chemical that reduces pressure in blood vessels to help prevent high blood pressure and its related diseases including strokes and heart attacks.

Helps Your Heart Function Properly

Kerson Fruit tea helps the heart function normally and help you avoid heart attacks due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Manages and Prevents Digestive Issues

If you have an upset stomach, indigestion or gas cramps, the Kerson Fruit flowers can be used to make a drink to soothe such discomforts and pain.

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/294083/13-wonderful-health-benefits-kerson-fruits-you-may-not-know




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