3 Exercises You Need To Do To Counteract Sitting All Day


Unfortunately, due to the growing importance of technology and computers in many different careers and jobs, many of us end up sitting at a desk for up to 8-10 hours a day. As you can probably imagine, this does no good for your health or posture. Studies have even suggested doing this day in and day out all week could possibly take years off your life. Your spine grows weak, your organs are compacted together, and blood circulation decreases. So what follows are three exercises that are highly recommended you do in order to counteract these habits and remedy the side effects as much as possible. They won’t take more than 10 minutes and you’ll be so glad that you have taken the initiative. So grab a foam roller, or possibly a mobility ball, and tackle these exercises.


Glute Smash




Your butt muscles are very important, as you can imagine, and sitting on them all day does no good for your buns! So loosen those bum muscles and hamstrings, and take all that pressure off your lower back.




Place the ball under your gluteal muscle on one side. Try and rotate until you find the sweet spot, and then continuously squeeze your buns together for roughly two minutes. Bend your legs, and keep those knees facing out to the side.


Hip Flexor




Your hip muscles are especially important to take are of, we all know an elderly friend or relative who has had to have a hip operation or replacement. This exercise stretches the hip joints, again taking all the unnecessary pressure off that lower back and makes it slightly easier to stand up straight, which is essential for good posture.




Place the foam roller on the floor, and then lay on your side placing the roller near your hip. It should be around the upper outside of your leg. Slowly roll the roller so that it kneads into the muscle tissue and your tendons, rolling it from the knee all the way up to the hip.


T-Spine Smash




One of the primary fears and worries from sitting at a desk all day, is the question of posture, and the fear of becoming a hunchback. When you are typing or staring at a computer screen, you will hunch over and the tension will slowly build up throughout the week. Read on to see how you’d counter this.




Lay down while keeping your knees bent, and try to keep the heels of your feet close to your rear. Ideally you want the foam roller directly above your shoulder blades, before you keep your gaze firmly ahead and give yourself a tight squeeze. You should feel your back stretch as you grip, and once you reach this position you should then slowly try and roll the roller down to your lower back and then back up to its original position. Repeat this process a few times.



Although this may seem like a lot of work, once you have the two cheap pieces of equipment and familiarise yourself with the techniques, it only requires 10 minutes of your day, and trust me, the benefits will soon be apparent.


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