Five Ways to Save Big on Your Next Internet Bill

Let’s face it, almost everyone in the world has an internet connection in this day and age. You are probably reading this while connected to the internet right now, in fact! However a monthly internet bill only adds to the other mass of bills that falls to our feet every month. There are some ways to avoid a huge internet bill however, and some of them are incredibly simple to implement to get you saving immediately. What follows are five tips that will hopefully help you reclaim control of the monthly internet bill and get you more cash to spend on more essentials every year.


Scale Back


First of all, evaluate your current package and then take a close look at what you actually use every month. Don’t pay for what you don’t use. There are even tools available online that will determine the maximum speed that you will probably need so that you are more cautious when choosing your next package. Also go through your bill and feel free to contact your ISP and bring up any fees you find expensive or strange. You’d be shocked what they will do to try and keep you as a customer.


Bundle, Bundle, Bundle


Buying individual services from different providers can soon add up in total cost, so sometimes it is a good option to investigate what bundle discounts certain providers have on offer. Many providers will bundle phone, internet, television and other services into one monthly fee which will usually be cheaper than the alternative. If you see no bundle option available from your current provider, phone them up and make enquiries. They might even be happy to assemble one for you if possible.


Price Match


As mentioned earlier, these days customer care is incredibly important as competition is getting more and more fierce, so often companies will do a lot to try and keep you on the books. Therefore if you notice a similar service being offered at a cheaper price, feel free to call your provider up and explain the situation to them. Explain that you would like to continue to be a customer and ask if they would be willing to match the price seen elsewhere. What have you got to lose? If they refuse, go for the cheaper deal!


Seek Help


You don’t have to take this challenge on all by yourself! There are services out there to help you reduce your bills, such as the company BillCutterz. These will look at your current outgoing and then negotiate with the provider on your behalf. This could be a great option for those who aren’t very keen on negotiating and dealing with companies over the phone. Of course they don’t do this for free, but you’d easily make the money back on your savings in a few months.


Call It Quits


Finally, as a last measure, sometimes it will be a cheaper option to just call it quits with your current provider and look elsewhere. You don’t owe them anything, so if there is a cheaper alternative elsewhere and your company aren’t willing to budge to keep you as a customer, cut your ties and sign up for a better option. It’s your money, at the end of the day.


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