15 Signs You’re Doing Better You Think You Are

Years back you set some life goals and since then you have put in a lot of effort into reaching them. However, from time to time, things get confusing. It seems like you will never get to accomplish your dreams and with each passing day motivation slowly shrinks. You feel lost, your self-esteem is low and you underestimate your abilities and completely ignore any past achievements.

Have you ever thought that it’s all in your mind and, in fact, you are on the right track? Here are 15 signs that everything is alright and you have nothing to worry about.


1.You are organized and well-prepared

Intellectually mature individuals are punctual, place emphasis on efficiency and are concerned with planning their life carefully.

2. You keep learning new skills

You do thorough research in a great variety of fields in order to broaden your horizons.

3.You have changed a lot since last year

If you managed to break bad habits, acquire knowledge and become more open-minded, it’s a sign that you are interested in personal development.

4.You are independent

You don’t care when others criticize your attempts at happiness.

5. You question authority

If you do that, it means you are able to see things in perspective.

6.You are employed

Having a job offers financial stability, granting you access to many life pleasures that poor people can’t afford.

7. You follow your dreams

You’ve experienced the satisfaction brought by living the life you’ve always desired. It feels like life is worth living when you pursue your ambitions.

8. You have freedom of choice

Being able to decide your next steps as far as career and family are concerned, indicates that you are the only one in charge with your life.

9.You stand out from the crowd

Being different from the rest can determine some individuals to avoid your company, but you understand that uniqueness is crucial. You don’t copy successful people, but you develop your own plan for success.

10.You embrace failure

Intelligent people know that making bad decisions is a necessary stepping stone that leads to improvement and fuels self-discipline. Those who haven’t experienced it yet are probably still in their comfort zone.

11.You help others

Most people are so caught up in their own problems that they completely ignore other people’s feelings. However, you pay attention to your loved ones’ needs and you provide emotional support to them.

12. You are healthy

You provide your body the necessary nutrients to function properly, you work out regularly and you get enough rest to recharge your batteries after long hours of hard work.

13. You don’t live check to check

You don’t have to work extra hours to make ends meet.

14.You have travelled a lot

Consider yourself lucky if you got the chance to travel abroad and to explore other culture. A vast majority of people, during their lifetime, don’t even leave the country they were born in.

15. You got trustworthy friends

Knowing that you have someone you can rely on is a blessing. Maintaining stable social relationships is also good for speeding up your career.





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