5 Ideas For Online Side Gigs That Can Make A Different In Your Bank Account

Since a lot of online side gigs only pay a small amount of money, people are starting to wonder whether it is possible to get high salary by only doing online side jobs. In order to answer that, here are five ideas for online side gigs that can make a difference in your bank account compiled from multiple trusted sources of information and personal reviews:


Virtual Assistant



With an increasing demand from company and business organization, virtual assistant job is filled with potentials because the title actually allows many things to be done. As such, you can offer the skills that you have without having to do all the jobs in which a virtual assistant specification may encompass. The skills which are usually encompassed in the job description include fast and accurate typing, internet research skill, e-mail services skill, social media as well as organization and scheduling management skill. In addition to your skill, virtual assistants are usually not provided with equipments to work with which means that you must provide your own up-to-date computer with a complete range of software as well as a phone, printer, scanner and a high speed internet service.


You can work as an independent virtual assistant, or you can establish a virtual assistant business by hiring other employees as available virtual assistants. Once you have succeeded in being a virtual assistant, you can train others around you which are interested to become one too, and as a result you will start your own virtual assistant business. When your business gets significantly developed, you may also consider to get an office space for your virtual assistant company. The availability of job as a virtual assistant is almost guaranteed because a lot of small to medium scale businesses actually need virtual assistants to help them when their permanent employees are not sufficient to tackle the workload. With up to a 100 dollars per hour rate, virtual assistant is one of the online side gigs which can really make a difference in your bank account.


Transcriptionist and Typist


If you really know your QWERTY well while typing it at a very quick pace, you may consider to do transcription and typing services as an online side gig which can make a difference to your bank account. One of the highest paid jobs which can be done online would be medical transcriptionist, however it is not limited to the medical field because other industries all over the world have the same need to keep a record of all their activities. A job as medical transcriptionist may require a postsecondary education as well as a certain training which is available in various schools and community colleges, however if you are not that interested in doing it you better consider transcribing in other industries which do not require you to pay for any training.


Being a transcriptionist or typist does not really require much qualification. First and foremost, you may be told to prepare your own computer or laptop along with a pair of high-quality headphones so that you will be able to hear the voice clearly. You will also need to stay focus and pay a great amount of attention to every detail. In doing transcription, the amount of money, which you will get, really depends on how fast you can type the recordings. If you can type fast enough and if you are very much into transcription, you can apply for transcription jobs in TV shows where you will type the dialogues in those captioned TV shows. Starting out as a transcriptionist is easy. There are a lot of different local and online ways to search for transcription opportunities, so be creative and browse through relevant sites to get your transcription job as soon as possible.


Web Developer



A web developer’s job includes working on technical elements built in a website. While a web designer is usually responsible for the visual design or layout of the website, web developer will turn those design and visions into a fully working website which is online and accessible to anyone in the whole wide world who has internet access. Even so, the term web developer and web designer are not necessarily mutually exclusive alternative because a lot of web designers also provide services as a web developer and vice versa.


In order to be able to become a web developer and really make a difference in your bank account, you will need to master a few things. Everything that you need to do to ensure that a website is up and running would be your job, so you must understand the basics of entering different contents for a page or how to build website themes from scratch. You must also be equipped with some coding insights, such as the HTML and CSS codes which will be essential when you want to put some custom HTML and CSS coding into your website. In addition, you must be able to meet the specific needs which are requested by your clients, and for that reason you must be able to manipulate your HTML and CSS code to make your client’s request to happen. By the same token, you will be required to understand different e-commerce platforms, as well as media queries and themes customization.


Another vital skill for a web developer would be in relation to research and finding information about the coding language. As a result, it would be helpful if you know where to look for different information, as researching about HTML, CSS or JavaScript may be more efficient in a different website which you usually use to read about the PHP Manual. But when everything else fails, there is always Google by your side.





Aside from the must-have multilingual language proficiency, becoming an online translator requires practice, skill, thoroughness as well as patience. Never ever take a translation job if you cannot speak that language very fluently. Fluency in this case includes knowing the language in every way from formal setting dialogues to casual daily conversations as well as esoteric terms. Even though translator jobs do not usually require any certification (aside from specific documents which need to be taken to and translated by sworn translators), it will be beneficial if you are an expert of that language through the means of long-time learning.


If you decide to be an online translator, bear in mind that only your writing skill will be judged and analyzed by your clients and not your speaking or reading skills. On that note, you need to have a good writing skill as well. If you are not yet confident in your writing skill, study up and practice more. You can also join translation and interpreting classes to enhance your translating ability. Not only completing this type of short course will increase your net value and perhaps your hourly rate, it will also help you to sharpen your intuition when it comes to writing or reading that language. Ultimately, if you really want to go the extra mile you can spend some time in a country which speaks the language of your choice. The longer period that you stay in that country the better your second language will get, especially if you spend most of your time hanging out with the locals. Whichever option that you choose to consider, once you are confident enough about taking up an online job as a translator you can always find different translation opportunities in freelancing sites or in specific translator forum sites.


Call Center Representative


Being a call center representative is actually a valuable career opportunity if you know how to do it right. Before starting out, you should really understand what the job will demand you to do. Even though it may provide a flexible schedule, however you must also consider the possibility of dealing with a lot of angry and difficult customers and for that reason, your communication and conflict-resolution skills should be used optimally. Being a call center representative is not only about answering calls and directing the customer’s issue. A call center representative should also be able to multitask and address complaints while typing it on a computer and running different softwares at the same time. Call center representatives should also be mindful of the way they communicate. They should always speak slowly without stuttering or hesitation, they should also maintain a professional voice tone which gives reassurance and sense of security to the customer.


A call center representative should also be punctual, because they need to log into the system and immediately prepare to receive calls within only seconds away from logging in. Punctuality affects the effectiveness of the call center because it directly impacts how many customers can be served within a certain amount of time. Other than that, you must have ample knowledge about your company and all of their products to avoid disappointment and rage coming from your customer due to your hesitation and confusing explanations. If you are absolutely sure that you can handle it, find opportunities to be call center representative online and the company will contact you in a few moments. If you are diligent and always punctual, being a call center representative will definitely cause a difference in your bank account.




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