12 Things That Happen When You Start To Keep Calm


We’ve all heard it been said that stress is a killer, but do we truly understand how detrimental stress and anxiety can be to our physical and mental health? You should always try bringing a little calmness into your life to combat this stress wherever possible, and even slight changes to your habits and routine could provide amazing changes. To try and motivate you even further, let’s discuss twelve things that will happen for you once you start to worry less.


Weight Loss


Did you know that stress and anxiety can increase weight gain? The less you worry the more pounds you will shed, a very important thing to keep in mind these days with obesity and diabetes on the increase.


Food Craving


Have you ever pulled an all nighter at work or to study for a big exam? Devoured a whole tub of ice cream after a break up? There are reasons why these are usually accompanied with eating junk food, and that’s because stress drives us to seek these fatty and sugary comfort foods.




Chronic stress can also lead to a high level of inflammation in the body. Your immune cells are on edge and are ready to fight off threats and infections when in fact there’s no threat present, leading to inflammation. Stay calm to ward off these symptoms.




Once you become more calm and relaxed, you’ll notice that it will have an impact on your sleeping pattern. You will fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and will have better quality sleep leading you to wake up feeling great and refreshed.


Happy Children


If you remain calm and collected, then your children will be calm and collected. If you are constantly stressed, then this will also be reflected in your family.




Sometimes when we are stressed our muscles can begin to ache, stiffen and even spasm. Take a deep breath, compose yourself and don’t dwell on things. Your body will thank you for it.




Following on from the previous point, stress can not only affect your muscles but also your bowel movements, leading to constipation. Relaxing and keeping calm leads to regular bowel motions.




Simply enough, if you are more calm and less stressed, you will be a happier person! Happier people enjoy life, have more opportunities and attract optimistic people.




When you have a calm mind, you process information quickly and efficiently leading you to be more organised. This means you’ll be able to fit more into your day, leading to being less rushed and frustrated, and eventually less daily mishaps.




Frequent headaches are almost a guaranteed sign that you are stressing too much. Remaining calm will relax the body and will lead to significantly less headaches.




The liver struggles to filter alcohol when your body is stressed, leading you to be able to handle your alcohol a little better and to have a better drinking capacity. If you calm down the liver will be able to do its job properly.




Finally, the calmer you are and the less flustered you appear to be then the more confidence you will portray. Find peace in life and you’ll find peace within yourself, leaving you with more self confidence and a healthier life.


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