Why People Who Don’t Fear To Embarrass Themselves Are More Creative


People who are highly creative and inventive have some distinct characteristics. One of their most distinctive characteristics would be their never ending curiosity for new creations or discoveries. Another would be that they are never afraid to embarrass themselves regardless of what people may say. For that reason, here are the reasons why people with higher level of creativity are not afraid to embarrass themselves:


They Do Not Think About The Time


In exercising your creativity, you should never give it a time limitation and you should disregard any judgment about how long it should take. Inventors and creators actually need time, because more often than not, by actually looking and pondering about their work longer they will find ideas for improvements. Do not be embarrassed if it actually take you a very long time, because a masterpiece cannot be rushed upon. Even the very famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting took around eleven to fourteen years to finish, as it was painted from somewhere around 1503 to 1506, and continued until 1517. It was a pretty long period of time required to paint a portrait, but if Leonardo Da Vinci had given up then his work will never be treasured and be in the spotlight like what it is now.


They Disregard The Critics


Each and every one of noteworthy creators or inventors will face critics. It is impossible to make everyone to like you, and as such you will definitely receive critics who people who are not really into your work despite the fact that it may be perfect for some other people. Of course you will face some doubts and fears in finalizing your work or ideas since you really are devoted in it. Keep in mind that you must stand tall and never let another person’s disapproval to embarrass you in any way. Even someone as famous as Albert Einstein was being repeatedly criticized and rejected. His work was continuously ridiculed and refused by the scientific community, however Einstein never gave up. He proceeded with his creative work up to the point where more and more scientists saw the validity of his theories and thoughts.


They Embrace What May Be Uncomfortable


Being subject to possible embarrassment for exercising your creativity would be extremely uncomfortable. However, just like Einstein when he continued to present his creative theories and thoughts to the scientific community, sometimes uncomfortable situations are necessary in order for you to make the best of your creative work. In addition, what you are most afraid about will usually never come into reality. If you are terribly afraid that the audience will laugh at your work or at your presentation, big chances are they will not. Instead, they will clap and give their applause for you once you have finished with what you have to do. So what you need to do is to let go of your paranoia, prepare for the worst and embrace what may seem to discomfort, but never stop creating and inventing.





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