10 Reasons Why Being Intelligent Is Problematic (And Even A Curse)

Intelligent people normally experience a lot of problems which in some point, it can even become a curse. Doing their homework may be fulfilled in just a split of seconds, but they are still bothering on their own abstract conversations especially when they want to express their thoughts. Although there can be various advantages of being intelligent, there are still challenges.

Here are the 10 problems intelligent people normally encounter.


Elusive Happiness


This problem is somehow related to the paragraph on “Always with an unfinished business”. Even intelligent person will experience a struggle in his life that he always has a lot of things to do. Because of the fact that work is never self-fulfilling for themselves, they will never feel contented with their work.


Awesome Jokes Misunderstood


Since intelligent people think fast, cracking a hilarious joke will surely give their beloved friends a hell of headaches because they don’t understand a single thing from the joke. By the time your beloved friends get the meaning of the joke, it will no longer be funny because you have to explain the whole background on why it was a joke. Effort is always wasted. Stick to the common jokes especially when conversing with a lot of people with different personalities.


Social Awkwardness Cannot Be Avoided


Intelligent people normally lack the ability to know or relate at something like fashion and sports. Since their world is focused on books, reading magazines which tackles about fashion and sports may come very often. They always have this tendency to talk about technical stuffs which others can never understand.


Always With An Unfinished Work


The mere fact that you always have a lot of ideas in your brain, it will create a result that you have to constantly have to fix things, learn something new, utilize whenever opportunity sets in. Although this trait will always come in handy, it will sometimes lead to a whole lot of stress.


Cutting Yourself Some Slack, Not An Option


People who are intelligent always living up to the standards of what others expect them to be. Thus, getting some rest and giving time for themselves does not come so often.


Committing A Mistake Is Never An Option


Since intelligent people are always expected to do something right, getting wrong will always be remembered. Every single person who will witness the incident will never be forgotten. Getting right most of the time will never surpass the single wrong an intelligent person committed.

Authority Problems


Although intelligent people are more superior to most of their friends, time will always come that they will feel inferior when surrounded by people like them. Because of this, respect for authority may be quite a challenge. They always want to be in control – either of themselves or other people’s lives. For them, it is through control that they will be able to limit and get through their plans easily.


Greatness Is Always Expected


Expecting greatness from themselves is never enough, they strive for even greater things and when all things are down, they normally get bummed up. All the resources which are made available are there, but sometimes when laziness set in; it will bring the house down.




Boredom is always overwhelming for intelligent people. They like to be mentally active and work a tedious job by themselves. Because of this, at the end of the day, intelligent people are usually drained up from all the activities they performed for the day.


Identity Struggle


Not to be rude, but most intelligent people are quite an arrogant jerk. It is always required for this kind of people to check their personality, especially their arrogance.


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