10 Habits Of People Who Can Always Generate Great Ideas

Sometimes it seems as though you have a new great idea every time you’re looking for one, and other times it seems as though your brain took a day off and you have nothing to contribute. There has to be some middle ground right? Things you can do to help generate those million-dollar ideas when you need them? We have compiled 10 habits of people who can always generate great ideas, and you can find them below!


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In the same way that reading increases your vocabulary, so too does it help you generate new ideas. The new and sometimes random ideas that you stumble upon will be saved for future usage by your brain when you are trying to think of something outside the box. The more you read, the more resources your brain will have when trying to come up with something new.


Slow Your Decision Making Down

This might seem obvious now that it’s out there, but think about it. Think slowly too. If you use the first or even fifth idea you’ve come up with, do you really believe it is the best one you had? Maybe, but wouldn’t it be more productive to stretch your thinking a little bit and get as many ideas out there as you can. You’ll have more to choose from and you might even find new ways to combine a few ideas that will be better than any single one. It takes time.


Take Risks

No one invented anything truly great or came up with a brilliant idea by playing it safe. Sometimes the safe bet works, but normally, it takes one person challenging the status quo and going against the ingrained culture to create something spectacular.


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Thinking from your own experiences is great, but try getting out and doing and seeing new things. Try new food, new activities, read a new genre of book or engage with people outside your friend circles. Not only will you have some amazing new experiences, but you can draw on them when creating things that might have never occurred to you.


Look For Connections

Sometimes these connections might be obvious and it will be up to you to change how people treat this connection. More often than not, you’ll want to look at two or three things that are totally unrelated and see how they connect. New and great ideas that come from previously unexplored connections can change the world. Look for those connections no one thought possible.



Motivate Yourself

Trying to come up with a new idea based on the fact that there is a due date attached is not the best process for creativity. Find personal motivation and it will give you an infinite amount of reason to think of something new. When a project means something to you, it is personal and therefore you invest more time into it.


Keep A Journal

Writing is helpful to clear your mind of clutter, but it also can help you keep a record of half-formed ideas or things that you might want to look into later. Peruse it often to see where your brain was going with something.


Make Time For Creativity

While a eureka moment in the middle of the subway is nice, it probably isn’t going to happen. Make some time to draw or write some ideas down that you’ve had and maybe work out a few of them and you’ll see that you are more creative and may have that eureka moment that comes off of something you thought about earlier.


Observe The World Around You

People and their every day lives can be a great source of unlimited potential. Observing people can generate new ideas or new connections that you wouldn’t have thought of from examining your own life.


Ask For Help

While it may not seem like this helps you generate great ideas, when you ask for help, anything someone else says may spark your creative process. Everyone thinks in different ways and exposing yourself to that may help in the long run.


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