Being Mentally Strong Is Not About Armoring Yourself, But Building Your Internal Strength


Kings and queens, Black and White, rich or poor – we are all going to face challenges and overwhelming obstacles in our lives, but the trials we face are less important – it is how we deal with them that counts. When our world falls apart, do you succumb and become immobilized with fear? Are you so mentally strong, that you are able to give courage to others in similar straits? There are mentally strong people who find themselves in tough circumstances but have the inner strength to bravely overcome them. They are struck down by catastrophe, assailed by grief or betrayed, yet they confront their difficulties and continue life with grace, distinction and courage.


We can all Become Mentally Strong

Every one of us has within out power to become mentally strong and to build our inner strength. In fact, people who are mentally strong and survive difficult situations actually begin learning to do so even before crises appears. A strong person can enjoy life, even when troubles spring up all around them. They take each day as it comes, full of sorrows, joys and disappointments. Emotionally strong people simply accept the fact that when they can’t have a big victory, they will contentedly settle for the smaller victory.

Even concentration-camp survivors from the Second World War tell of small pleasures like a glowing sunset they noticed as they worked along the side of the road. Professor Des Pres, who studied the attitudes of Holocaust victims described mental attitudes like that as a ‘tenacious hold on life – a strength beyond hope’.

Mentally strong people have a kind of talent for life – they treasure the time they have. They find joy in each day, however small it may be. No-one is born happy, every one of us makes our own happiness. Most of us would like to be able to blame someone else when trouble comes our way, but the mentally strong person won’t hear of that. They believe that what looks like a disaster may well turn out to be the best thing that happens to us.

Despite being blocked by obstacles, the strong person does what has to be done, no matter how overwhelming the odds against them are. People with strong mental capacities believe that you can’t spend your life feeling sorry for yourself but that you should rather spend yourself helping others in difficult situations. This will provide immense satisfaction. Having your own troubles will help you understand the hard times of others. When your troubles threaten to overcome you, think about how you can help someone else.

The mentally strong person lives in the present. Some of us have had childhoods that have been so miserable that they are sunk in self-pity. These people are not able to keep a job or maintain a close relationship. Life lies in letting go of your grievances . If you spend your life being angry with people who once disappointed you, you won’t have the energy for that which we need now. No -one can bring back the past or shape tomorrow – only today is ours.

Conquer Your Weaknesses

Mentally strong people live their lives well in suffering, hardship or failure. Their mission is to conquer their own weaknesses. Research shows that people who refuse to give in to challenges can enhance their prospects for a successful, happy life.


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