8 Thoughts That Are Stuck In Anxious People’s Mind Throughout The Day

Anxiety can refer to a feeling of nervousness and worrying, but if it is extreme, it can turn into a serious mental illness which is called an anxiety disorder. Anxiety should not be taken lightly especially if it continuously occurs, and you should find help for yourself or the people around you if it has become overwhelming and unbearable. To help understanding the situation further, here are several things which people with anxiety cannot stop thinking about:




People with anxiety think about different possibilities of bad experiences in a really great depth. They double check the door locks because they are afraid that strangers or robbers would come in if they forgot to lock it. They inspect every socket and switch repeatedly, because an electric short-circuit can cause fire or damage to electronic appliances. This often causes adverse effects, such as difficulty to sleep or to get out of the house because they constantly think about unexpected bad things that can happen.




Anxious people basically hate their lives, because everything is so terrifying and difficult. They never feel good about anything, and as a result it is very common for depression to set in when people suffer from a certain level of anxiety. Their desperation can get really worse because depression and anxiety do not really go together. They create a never-ending chain of negative thoughts and depressing ideas and when people have actually reached this stage medical care may be needed.




One mole, and they would be terrified of skin cancer. People with anxiety are extremely afraid of illnesses, in which this is very commonly found in generalized anxiety disorders. Even though the doctors have said no, the nurses have said no, the medical tests have proven it to be wrong, but they would perceive the mole as an obvious sign that they have skin cancer which means that they could die anytime soon.




Basically, because they are irrationally afraid of diseases and almost everything else, at the end of the day they are terrified of death, too. Not only with regards to the actual process of dying, but it can go to the great lengths such as leaving their family behind without enough money to make them survive and as a result, they worry even more about preparing for death.




Even for people without anxiety, diving into a large crowd full of people (especially strangers) can be overwhelming and terribly scary. People with anxiety experience this fear in a more serious manner as they feel like they are nothing but only failures and mistakes and as a result they hate to face up to people. They fear of being in the spotlight, they fear that people are not going to like them judging from how they look or what they talk about or how they act. Because of this, anxious people do not generally go out in a bar or go to a crowded restaurant to have lunch. They prefer to stay in and watch television rather than meeting a group of people.




People with anxiety never want to be alone. They fear the absence of other people around them because it feels them feeling vulnerable and unprotected from their ferocious worrying and troubling thoughts. Having other people around to comfort them would really be nice, although they cannot get it all the time 24/7.


Panic Attacks


A panic attack can be defined as a sudden feeling of overwhelming fear and anxiety, where the body is essentially turning on its fight or flight mode causing the heartbeat to significantly rise, hence the heart pounding and it may even be complicated further with difficulty to breath. Many people with anxiety have experienced at least an episode of panic attack, and they are terribly afraid that it will happen again. The absence of warning or forecast about when the next occurrence will take place creates even more difficulty in managing it when it appears.


Wrecking Something


Anxiety can really have an effect on someone’s confidence. Even though they can undoubtedly success in a certain task or job, people with anxiety often question themselves and as a result they will start to think that they are actually incapable of finishing or doing the tasks that would actually be extremely easy for them. A lot of anxious people are in the chronic stage where they have problems in living their daily life.



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