7 Top Mobile Apps to Improve Your Sales Funnel

Whether you are using a POS application, a social networking site, or CRM software, there are a variety of unique platforms that will help you in identifying new clients and boost the rate of the overall retention rate of your company. In FounderSociety (FS) there are about 7 entrepreneurs who shared the mobile applications they acquired before which had made great success in driving their sales crazy.


Below are just some of the top mobile applications you can use in order to increase the sales funnel of your company. These apps will absolutely help in boosting your rates, whether you are an amateur entrepreneur or not.




Few people may know but Pipedrive can pretty much live up to your standards. There are a lot of individuals who have been using this mobile application for several months now. According to Katrina German of the OneStory, she considers Pipedrive as one of the best CRMs she has ever had or used. It is very much easy to fix and organize the contacts of your clients and it can also keep those contacts moving as the deal flows.




Twitter is one of the famous social media being used by people of any age. It is the best platform if you want to get a pulse on the different personalities of your company’s clients and sales prospects. It has also proven its existence to be an effective to start conversations which are useful and value-based to your company.


Shopify POS App


Shopify POS App is normally used by entrepreneurs to power up their online shop. This simple app also makes is easier for the user to manage and keep track of the inventory, as well as, to check the reports even if he or she is on the go. The mobile app can allow you to even take orders from anywhere you like. In this way, you will always have the ability to sell your product no matter where your customer or client is at.


Amazon Shopping App


Aside from using Amazon.com shopping app in ordering products, this hip applicaton allows every user to glimpse at and study the market around them, as well as, to see their competition. Because of this amazing app, every use will be able to see every movement of the visitors on what is hot, trending, and what is the different niche in the market. There are also comments, reviews, and ratings coming from your customers. By this, you will be able to tally the dos and don’ts and you will be able to improve your business according to what your clients want.




Although this mobile app is not really that common, Contactually is really the go-to resource if you want to have a good and reliable CRM program. Sooner or later, you will find out that a lot of the CRM programs can be very structured and rigid. It will only make your client feel like that as if they are stuck inside the funnel. With Contactually, the clients will feel that the sales process is more likely to connect with them because it can be personalized.


Base CRM


This mobile app is a free application and it allows each user to effectively keep track, manage, and control their customers, sales funnel, leads, phone calls, and other matters related to their sales.


HubSpot Sidekick


HubSpot Sidekick has live up to its standard because it has been considered by entrepreneurs to be the greatest CRM product. Aside from that, this mobile app also allows every user to see and check when a potential prospect opens his or her email address. It gives every user the possibility to contact their prospected client everytime the latter is actively looking at the sales email.








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