Pinterest Proficiency And What it Means For Today’s Entrepreneurs


Any advertiser, marketer, or anyone who is engaged in entrepreneurship knows that the selling of the product does not come from pushing it towards the customers or consumers. It is made possible through the means of building an infrastructure, not literally, of aspiration and inspiration. A good campaign will help you achieve your goals and give you the opportunity to attain the kind of lifestyle you wanted.


A good campaign can be done through the efforts of Pinterest. There is no denying that Pinterest has become the one of the rising top and leading online marketing platform, especially to young entrepreneurs. It has the ability to attract numerous retail companies, independent crafters, bloggers, fashion designers, chefs, makeup artists, and other kind of influencer or hobbyist. For a marketer or a young entrepreneur, Pinterest has become a gold mine in gaining potential and loyal customers.


Purchasing Items Made Easy


Pinterest made it possible for customers to purchase items easier than the typical purchases before Pinterest came out of the picture. Although several users have normally been able to conduct their purchases, the top social site had launched a “Buy” button which makes it even easier for the visitors or users to purchase items they pinned without any trouble or without leaving the site.


Before the “Buy” button was launched, once the Pinterest user have found something they like to purchase, the user would usually be sent off the website and transact the purchase completely directly with the seller of the product. Now, because of this button, every Pinterest user just needs to click the “Buy” button.


Numbers Have Said It


A report made by the Shareaholic last April 2014 said that Pinterest has garnered around 7.10 % of the web traffic. It has ranked second to the famous social media, Facebook, but it very much ahead from Reddit, Twitter, and other types of social sites.


Also, as per data reported from comScore last April 2015, the social site drove to garnering a 72.8 million user which means that 40% of the entire social users are using this site, internationally.


A Friendlier Site


Pinterst has become friendlier to its users. A report regarding the mobile platform conducted by the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions has revealed that this social site is one of the most helpful and self-fulfilling mobile social network. It also found out that Pinterest drove to a percentage of 64 % of its entire referred traffic which had come from different mobile browsers. The content sharing made possible for Pinterest is even higher because it had reached up to 131 % in the last year. It even surpassed Facebook’s sharing because the latter’s sharing went down to 42 %. It is inevitable the digital world would soon shift to mobile usage and Pinterest had already proven its stand by acquiring effects of its startups.


What Does It Mean?


The question now is, should a business or any company get involved with the latest trend which is Pinterest? Well, if you ask the young entrepreneurs, there is no harm in trying. What is important is that one should determine whether or not their business is suited to Pinterest. There are some of the businesses which are not appropriate and will not be able to attain success by using social sites.


Pinterest has photo-sharing as its core function, thus, business which is rarely viewed with photos won’t succeed by simply depending on it. However, since most of the business now can be featured and captured digitally, Pinterest can do it best when it comes to sharing. Hence, businesses involving food, retail, travel, and fashion are recommended to take advantage of Pinterest.





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