5 Great Signs You’ve Fallen In Love With Yourself Like Nobody Else

Almost everyone, not just chick flicks and romance novels enthusiasts, have been told to love themselves before they can love anyone else. This is especially true, because we often do not realize that we have taken ourselves for granted. We often forget how amazing we are, featured with incredible characteristics that we have only to ourselves. Therefore, it is important to love yourself more than anyone ever could. In fact, being the one person you will always stay in love with can actually increase the amount of love that you will be able to give out to others.

heart-103595_1920.jpgBelow are five signs that you have fallen in love with yourself like nobody else:

You Are Confident, But Not Cocky

Cockiness can be defined as a characteristic where you act as if you are better than other people. When you are cocky, you are arrogant, pertly self-assertive as well as conceited. What is interesting would be that when you are cocky but not confident, your insecurities can be seen by others through your ill-mannered and rude attitude. However, when you love yourself, the air of self assertion will come out as recognizing your own value without the feeling of having to be better from anyone else. Confidence will allow you to be the best person that you are, which is a loving and wonderful individual to be around with.

You Are Your Own Rock

Even though it is important to hear what your closest and loved ones have to say, when you love yourself more than anyone ever could you choose what is best for your own goals without having to bow down to the opinion of others. You welcome the suggestion of others, and you may like to discuss and ask the opinion of those who are closest to you. However, at the end of the day you will be able to listen to yourself, and eventually trust the decision that your inner soul makes simply because you are certain and comfortable about yourself.

You Can Communicate With Yourself

Even though talking to yourself in public can be extremely weird, a great sign which shows that you love yourself would be through the way you use your inner dialogues. Many self-help advocates claim that you will be able to change your life to become better simply by being cautious of the words choice that you are going to use when you speak to yourself.

You Could Not Care Less About What Other People Say

A significant part of life would be to obey what other people have regulated or determined for us. When we were kids, we had to obey what our parents told us to do or not to do. Growing up, we had to obey the laws and regulations. Other times, we are obliged to listen to what our boss, lover, or even friend say. Despite this fact, when you truly love yourself you will prioritize what you yourself think of a certain matter. Due to your unconditional love to yourself, you realize that living up to anyone else’s expectation is like living a life for someone else, and you would very much hate that.


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