10 Money Moments That Are Awkward for Everyone


To some people, most of the awkward topic to talk about is something that involves money. Below are some of the moments most individual consider to be an awkward moment.


Soon-to-be Partner


Before you become one and become partners for the rest of your lives, it is important that you discuss honestly your debts, assets, loans, goals, savings, and other matters related to money and expenses. It would be healthy and safe if you lay down all those things before you marry someone.


First Date


Another awkward money moment is when you have your first date. Deciding who will pay the bill for the food both of you ordered can be an awkward moment. This happens to most females, rarely to males, because the latter knows that it is sometimes their responsibility to pay the check on the first date.


Forgetting Your Wallet


Ever experienced that feeling when you are on a date and you forgot or lost your wallet? If yes, then you can really relate to this. Awkwardness sets in as soon as you realize that you don’t have your wallet on your pocket. This awkward feeling can even be aggravated if you are the one who invited your companions to dine out and you told them that it’s your treat.


Asking For A Raise


No one can deny that asking your boss, for the first time, for a raise is one of the most awkward moments. Just remember that no one can be fired or penalized only because you want to ask for a raise. What is important is that you are entitled to a raise because you worked hard for it.


Plastic Is Declined


The time when your debit or credit has been declined when you checked out something and you don’t have any cash on you is also included in the awkward money moments list. In order to avoid this awkwardness, make sure that you have informed your credit card company or you should see to it that your card has sufficient balance.




Reminding someone who loaned you money and informing them that the loan is already due and demandable. You can execute a written contract so as to avoid any misunderstanding on the amount borrowed and date of payment. It will also help you avoid possible default.




When you have a roommate and you are not the close to each other, tis matter becomes to be listed in awkward money moments. It is very much awkward to deal with your room that hasn’t paid his rent yet. Thus, it is better that you have an agreement between your roommate.


Bills When You’re Already An Adult


Asking your parents to pay your bills despite of the fact that you are already an adult and you have a job is also an awkward money moment because you know in yourself that it is already your responsibility to pay your bills.




It will be an awkward moment when you go out and dine by yourself and what you ordered is exactly that which your cash on hand can afford and you find out that a tip is suggested or there are other additional charges to your food.




Deciding what to give when you attend a wake or how much you are going to give can also be an awkward moment.




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