The Perfect Blogging Formula, Which Posts To Create and When to Launch Them

Even the most successful bloggers have their own formula when it comes to perfect blogging; however, learning about the basics of creating a post and posting it at the right time will help anyone to gain their success in the blogging world. Here are some tips which you may use in order to create your own perfect blogging formula:


Know Your Target Audience

The first important thing that comes even before conceptualizing the what, when, why and how of your blog would be defining your target audience. The best method to gather a specific audience for a blog would really be to establish a clear definition of it from the beginning. The narrower your target audience scope, the easier it is to reach out to those people and exhilarate them with your specific contents.

In identifying your blog’s target audience, you can consider a lot of elements. You can define it based on the demographics which may include age, gender, occupation, geographic location, hobbies, salary amount, marital status, education level, religion, or any other specific interests that you want to touch upon. Narrowing down your target audience will also benefit you in areas other than directing traffic into your blog. It will help establish your blog’s presence. As a result, promotion and advertising processes will be a lot easier.

You should consider two types of people in choosing a category that will fit to your blog’s target audience. The first type would be the group of people who will generate income for your blog, in which you want to make this your main focus. The second type would consist of people who will influence the first group of people to like you and they are very important because you can get more people into the first category with their help.

The next essential step after finding your target audience would be finding out where you can find them online, or if applicable, in person. You need to find out which social media platforms serve a huge number of people that fits your target audience and what kind of activities they are often engaged in when they are on these platforms. If your blog is on a business or professional topic with a serious and formal tone, there is a high chance that you will be able to find your target audience in LinkedIn. If you write on a more youthful and trendy topic with bright colors and a lot of images, you may direct your attention to Pinterest or Instagram enthusiasts. If you are looking for an all-encompassing social media platform, try Facebook.

Once you have created a complete list of who your target audience will be, you will need to identify their motivations, because this way you will figure out how to give advice and solution to them. By identifying your target audience’s motivation, you will be able to list down opportunities for catering to them and as a result you will be able to post perfect and spot on blog contents which they will incredibly love. In order to do so, you should set out your own purposes and objectives. Create a strategy that will help both you and your target audience to achieve the aforesaid goals. Show that you understand their concerns, empathize with the troubles that they may tell and build a meaningful long-term connection with your audience.


Solidify A Unique Concept

While it is extremely hard to find a concept that is so unique that no one has ever thought about before, it should be your goal to create a concept that is innovative and in some ways, distinctive from others. You have your own unique set of features and personality, and as much as possible this should be translated into your blog posts. The more unique and innovative your blog is compared to other blogs, the easier it will be for you to target your audience and get a following.

This comes down to the first thing that you should have on your to do list: choosing a topic. Choosing a topic for your blog post can start with something general initially. However, afterwards you need to come up with several working titles which will be your method of providing information to your main topic. By having the concept laid down in a top-down manner, you will be able to witness how your concept has narrowed down from something that is really general and wide to something that is specific and solid. In searching for working title ideas, list down relevant opinions, knowledge, personality and thoughts, which you may have with regards to the main topic.

Once you have found the perfect title for your blog post, you will need to create an intro that captures the readers’ attention. If they lose interest in the very first paragraph, they will stop reading immediately and proceed to other sites. There are a lot of strategies which can be employed to make a captivating intro. The first one would be by telling a story that the readers can relate to, or to tell a joke that is relevant to the topic. If you write for a more serious niche, you may capture the readers’ attention by incorporating interesting statistics or facts that complement the title really well. After you managed to grab their attention in the first few sentences, keep holding on by describing the purpose of your post and how it will help with the issue that readers may be interested on.

Last but not least, write the rest of the content. For each and every one of your posts, you must make sure that the readers can feel your original concept and personality. Never worry about content length because there is no definite standard length for a blog to have a high quality although long content has a bigger chance to rank higher in the SERP.


Choose The Right Timing

A perfectly written post will get the most impact when published in the right time. There are a lot of opinions about the perfect time for launching your blog, but it all has its own pros and cons. Generally, if you post your blog during high-activity hours in the afternoon, you will get more visitors as well as higher chance of getting comments and interactions. If you post during evening time when everybody is resting, you will likely get fewer visitors and interactions. However, day time posting comes with its ruthless competition. A lot of people are also posting during day time, so your content may be overlapped by other posts and as a result, it will lose its attractiveness because of the noise. At night, less noise, more prominence and as a result, it will be easier to be featured on the front page of a blogging platform.

Furthermore, there is never a perfect timing that works generally for all types of blogs because different groups of people read blogs and interact at different times. Although the highest number of readers do their reading in the morning (AM hours), a bigger percentage of men actually read blogs in the evening and night if compared to women readers. Monday is usually the day where average blog welcomes its highest level of traffic for the week, whereas traffic usually peaks around 11 AM regardless of the day. Interestingly, Saturday seems to be the day where blogs get most of its comments whereas 9 AM is the specific hour where a high number of people seem to leave comments on blogs.

Despite of all the statistics above, you need to also incorporate other elements such as social shares and traffic before you decide when to post your blog content. Thursday is proven to be the best day to blog due to its highest level of social shares compared to other days of the week, and this is further corroborated by the fact that 31 percent of top 100 social share days in the year of 2011 was on Thursdays. Wednesdays placed second, followed by Fridays and Mondays, which is supposed to be weird since most people would be at work instead of lounging around enjoying their free time. Morning time constitutes as the best time of day to blog basing on social shares, because 27 percent of all shares take place between 8 AM to 12 PM.

Determining the best day to blog basing on its page views count slightly differ from analyzing it from social share counts. In the 2011 study, the winner for best day to blog category is Monday with 43 percent, followed by Tuesday with 28 percent and Wednesday with 24 percent. Still in accordance with the page views count, the best time of the day to blog seems to be between 7 AM and 1 PM on weekdays because that is when blog posts get viewed the most. The highest peak? It is between 9 and 10 in the morning.

However, if you aim for international audience, it will be harder for you to choose a specific timing that is optimal for different time zones. One of the tips given by Chris Brogan was to publish blog content at 4.30 am in order to allow his US audience to read it first thing in the morning while making sure that it is still an active time in the UK where people are still pretty much awake and reading things. Publishing in between optimal times will not cut it; Brogan also sets promotions for his content in other time zones even after publishing so that people will have the chance to read it long after the content being posted.



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