What to Blog About: 3 Ways to Think of Blog Post Ideas

Determining precisely what you will write about is just one of the most common and hardest parts when you are in the field of professional blogging. If you have been in the blogging industry for quite some time, there is really no doubt that you have encountered this problem. You know that writing a blog is not just a simple and harmless hobby because having the knowledge on what to write about is not an easy process. While new bloggers just write anything into their articles or blog posts, professional bloggers do not. When they choose a blog topic, they consider a lot of things like their audience’s problems, interests, wants, and needs; the time they need to invest in making or drafting the content; the way they position or angle their post in order to acquire a maximum effect; what their competitors are writing as their topics; how the industry would react to the post; what kind of post their audience want to read, especially when it concerns a past topic; what type of post they want to create; and the like.





Whatever you do, it is always important to consider your passion because it is only through your passion that you perform and write well. You should expect that the environment in the professional bloggers field will have plenty of small talk and noise. Just observe and listen closely because, despite of all those noise and small talks, there are still meaningful conversations within it if you just take your time. When you write, you can think about all of these meaningful conversations and you can write something about it so as to create a great blog post. Once your passion overflows, you will be able to write something meaningful that can attract or even melt the hearts of your readers or audience. Aside from giving your audience something to read, you can even express to them the reasons why you love it and why it played an important to everybody’s life.


Knowledge Is Always Power


The value on knowing what and how to post is as important as your passion. The two will always go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of people who possess this passion but do not succeed because of the lack of knowledge on these matters. Passionate writers succeed at what they do because they are pretty knowledgeable on the things they write. They don’t just sit around and try to write something out of thin air. They invest time in reading books, articles, and other reading materials, as well as, learn how it is done.


You can never deny the fact that an article that spells out “How To” can be a very powerful type of post. Several people are now looking at articles on how to do this or that.


Make It Specific


No one wants a very broad and complicated article. Most readers get bored if the articles are too long and the content is just the same but rephrased in some other ways to make the article or post longer. You must remember that broad topics are acceptable but only in some areas. Long and technical articles on works best when it is written for academic purposes. Developing your own thoughts, identity, and ideas can be expressed and shown by the way you write. Although it can be a plus point that you use technical terms in your article, you should know by now that when it comes to professional blogging, only those blogs which are interesting, exciting, and exceptionally high quality content survive or stays viral. Just think of good ideas and don’t pressure yourself.


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