A Simple Persuasion Strategy to Increase Sales

Business means to make profit. Every business today has one important question – ‘what do we need to do to make our marketing more effective so as to increase sales?’ Businesses have to think of a host of persuasion strategies to attract cash-strapped customers. These days with online businesses, you don’t get to meet your customers so you need to create an environment where visitor trust can be built based on the content you provide.

Unscrupulous marketing tactics abound. If you indulge in these tactics and your customers find out, you’re sunk. Be candid with your content marketing. U
nderstand your customers and anticipate their reactions to what you say. Think of the way your information is distributed. Is your communication electronic, paper, a newsletter, an email or magazine. How well is this kind of media accepted by your customers? Is it considered junk mail?

Customers Don’t want to be Spoon-Fed

Research shows that a lot of sales communication isn’t even relevant to most customers. Customers don’t really want to have content marketing thrown at them, but rather they want to look for something they are interested in and then have excellent content provided. With this kind of content marketing, where customers look for information they want instead of having it thrust at them, the company benefits from lower marketing costs, higher conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Good Brand Value Sometimes More Important than Price

Clever, reasonable pricing is a guaranteed simple persuasion strategy to increase sales. If you have an exceptional product that everyone needs, if your price is too high, especially when compared to your competitor, you won’t make a sale. Do market research and know what your competitors are offering. Price of a product is proportional to perceived value, and you want to make sure your product and services are seen as superior to your competitors.

You have to be careful because before you go as low as you can, you want to be confident that discounting will still protect your profit and that you aren’t giving your margin away in price cuts. Getting back to trust – if you have a brand value attached to your product – friendly services, good customer care and thoughtfulness towards your customer’s need, customers will more readily pay a higher price for your products just to benefit from your exemplary services.

Actions certainly do speak louder than words in business and if you want your clients to be aware of the value of your products, your excellent services and thoughtful customer services, you need to be constantly giving them a taste of what you’ve got, providing them with the conviction that you can solve every buying problem they have.

Always be Contactable
Cash strapped customers aren’t going to part easily with their money if there isn’t serious trust involved. Be honest with your content marketing, state clearly what you offer and what its benefits are and be contactable should there be any queries.


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