How to Argue With a Customer . . . and Live Happily Ever After

All through the ages, customers were always right, and nothing has changed in the 21st century, and the customers are still always right. To stay on the right side of the customer, one thing is for sure, you have to know your field. After common sense, specialized knowledge in one’s field is the second most common piece of armor a sales-person needs. People who are good sales people need to have a practical understanding of their job.

Knowing exactly how your product performs, what it costs and what it is good for is part of a success formula for a sales person who finds themselves in an argument with a customer. As a sales person, do your homework. Don’t venture into the battle-field unprepared. Nothing helps success more than knowing what you’re doing as it reduces the risks of getting into a fix with a customers.

Remain Calm – You’ll Come off Best

Most people don’t want to get into an argument, but when it comes their way, they want to be prepared so that they come out best. Unfortunately there are people who, during an argument, notice people’s interest, and they start to get more angry to stir up people’s interest or because they foolishly believe that that will gain the respect of onlookers. They want to gain the upper hand, not wanting to look timid and ignorant.

The angrier you get, the quicker you lose your ability to think logically. Not only that, if you lose your temper, you just antagonize your customer further. You will never appear to be weak if you remain calm throughout an argument. You’ll definitely score points by showing that you can behave like an adult with self control.

Listen and Understand
Another way to argue with a customer is to keep it light and to avoid creating tension. As you see your customers face getting redder and redder, it is time to listen more and to speak less. When you are in a heated discussion, you need to keep your mind and thoughts entirely on your customer. It isn’t the time to think about all you want t say to your customer but to rather focus on what the customer is saying.
General intelligence and common sense like this is essential for calm working environments as it involves your natural ability to comprehend difficult concepts and customers quickly and to analyze them clearly.

The formula for success when arguing with a customer is to simply learn to respect your customer. It is true that many arguments just fizzle out with no clear victor. Take pride in what you do and have the guts and stamina to never insult any customer, even if you will never see them again. Common sense, knowing your product, the ability to get things done and the ability to remain calm are character traits that are guaranteed to make you successful in all areas of your work.



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