How to Use Curated Content to Know Your Customers Better

The Internet is arguably one the most important inventions of all time. Today, it’s the major information hub with majority of the world’s population taking what they read on the Internet as the absolute truth. While that is not entirely true, a lot of content is created to educate, inform and transform certain target groups to the best of the owner’s ability. There are quite a number of ways of creating web content among which curation comes to life.

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What does curated content entail?

To best understand curated content, one has to first comprehend what the term curation is all about. In simple terms, content curation is the process of finding, putting together and sharing existing content with your web visitors. Some of the content may be improved or accorded opinions that give the new owner some sort of legitimacy as opposed to copy and paste approach. In case of copy- paste, you should be prepared to indicate the source of your content and its original author for that is what differentiates between reputable authors and the rest. It’s not kind to just take other people’s content and try to pass it as your own. Apart from attracting new clients, content curation is meant to offer value to existing followers without directly promoting your website or business. The underlying principle that ought to guide you on achieving best results is; curation is about content sharing as opposed to selling.


To the creator, content curation is the makeover that is accorded to existing web content thereby boosting search engine optimization for a given web page. Additionally, replicating information in a new and meaningful way is one of the approaches which help content creators emerge as reputable and knowledgeable authority on a given topic.


Know your customer better

To make most impact as content creator, one has to understand what target clients want. It’s only by understanding their needs that you can certainly know for sure the kind of content to curate. Below are a few methods that you can use to know your customers better.



Online survey can be very useful in deducing what target clients want. They facilitate direct interaction thereby providing precise results on given subjects. For best results, you should not limit clients to answer choices as these might be limiting to what they actually want or feel about your business. Newsletters can be used to acquire subscriptions that you can eventually use to carryout surveys on interested subjects.


Click through rate

Click through rates can help content curator understand what the clients want. While it is possible that a number of clients may fail to click on the headlines, many will go ahead to click on the given links which can be interpreted as a sure sign that they have interest in your content. Upon clicking the content, they will be redirected to the website where the information was initially created. The other important part is if they return to your website for more information. Attracting return visits confirms your content is fresh and relevant to the current times and for the main target group. If the days since last visit are on the minimum, you have done a great work and keeping up with the progress should be the main priority. Failure to attract return visits should encourage you to do more research on what the target clients really wants.


Use existing Social media platforms

Social media like Facebook provide a very simple yet almost accurate way of establishing popularity of your product. If your fan base on social media is self driven and experiencing massive growth, it shows how acceptable your product is. Comments and suggestion that followers make, if taken positively, can go a long way in identifying the right content for curation.

More to that, you can also establish popularity of your content by checking on what subjects your clients freely share with their followers on social media.



Client tastes and preferences are subject to change with the changing times. You should therefore remain in the know lest you are left behind. Always remember that a rising tide carries all the boats with it. Your boat is your ability to understand your clients. If your boat leaks, you will sink rather than rise with the tide. Stay informed, understand your clients and change with them as time dictates if remaining relevant is important to your business.


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